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Hello, and welcome. This is HELL as they like to call it in the upperworld. My name is Beelzebub, but you might know me as, Satan. You have just killed a man. For what? He did nothing wrong, or did he? No, in this case he didn't. That is why your are here. I want to congratulate you on a job well done. I have been looking for a reason to kill that guy for a long time. Thank you again. Now, off with you to the lower stacks where you shall watch old episodes of Alf and listen to Pop music until your head explodes and we have to grow you a new one. And the new head will look like David Hasselhoff and we will then send you back up to earth, to the UK, where you will take over Hasselhoff as we all know him and rule for all eternity, hahahahhahahaahahaahhaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!
The Devil.