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Yes, welcome to Final Fantasy Creamy Festive Goodness, ruled with a candy cane and a snarling rabid reindeer by The Almighty One,Crunchbucket the Carol Singing Watermelon! This site has voted "best site in the known universe" for twelve years running, despite the fact it's only been up for about two months, and that's a CRUNCHBUCKET GUARANTEE!* The critics are unaminous! Final Fantasy Creamy Goodness kicks righteous santa-hat clad ass!

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"Final Fantasy what? Creamy Goodness? Who the *EXPLETIVE DELETED* thought that up? "(falls to the ground and clutches head)
-Cloud 'Yellow Hedgehog For A Wig' Strife, saviour of the planet. Lord knows how.

Vincent Valentine, Ward Zabac, Squall Leonhart and Rude, celebrity mutes.

"I like cheese."

Aeris 'Dark Lord Of The Sith' Gainsborough, head of the Farmer's Union of Cow Keepers, otherwise know as the society of the unfortunate acronym.


Fujin, all round cool person.

*~*~6th March 2002~*~*

Um... long time, no update...

RAVEN-CHAN - Hey everyone! *waves* It seems Crunchbucket and I got really lazy... but who cares, right?

Lazy doesn't quite descrube it... It's March, and you still haven't taken down the Christmas decorations.

RAVEN-CHAN - *under his breath* Shut up! *hits Tonberri in the head with a skillet.

Ouch *falls over in a coma*

RAVEN-CHAN - Better! Well, I should have the next 3 parts of Final Fantasy: Complete posted soon, along with some random insanity of mine... I promise! If I have the Mistress' approval, I'll, um... take down the decorations, too... nothing worse then looking like a redneck on such an... uh hum... refined, site...

Take a look around...

That's right kids! It's the fanfiction section!

Alright! Who's responsible for this?

Random Insanity

Two stories, 26 authors. Go here to see what I mean.

How perceptive of you! It IS the fanart page! Have a cookie!

The crap some people believe...

Read, for it is mildly amusing.

Oh my 0_o

Anti Aeris
My own little anti-shrine...

Fujin Shrine


*WARNING* Leaving this site will result in you being eaten by a troupe of rabid chu-chus.

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