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Game Review

"A Game of Mystery"

Game copyright 1990 Uli Geissler/F.X. Schmid, Prien/Germany
Vanished in play

2-6 Players30 minutes


You are a hotel detective keeping tabs on the odd characters travelling in the elevator. Keep alert or the characters will "vanish" right before your eyes.


Each player is given 9 cards with pictures of hotel residents. The elevator pieces are layed out in two columns of five, with one open space in one column. The pawn marks the piece about to be uncovered. Prior to exposing the marked elevator car, players select one of their cards that they believe matches the occupant of the elevator. The elevator card is exposed -- players who successfully matched the occupant remove the resident card from their hand. The elevator card is turned over again, and moved to the open space in the columns. The dice rolls, the pawn moves, and the game continues.

Vanished in play

Winning Conditions:

  • All of a players cards are successfully matched & removed from his/her hand.

Our Opinion:

Thumbs Down!This is an updated version of "Memory" or "Concentration" where the target that you need to match has moved. The fact that the elevator cars move is the biggest challenge of this game. The rules are simple and straightforward, and strategy is pretty minimal.

The Zombies were torn on this game. We all recognized that the game was very challenging and a good twist on the "concentration" genre of games. However, the game got tedious, especially when certain cars were never landed on by the pawn. It was also difficult when the residents are not actually pictured in the elevator, rather someone or something related to them ( a sister or a vacuum cleaner) was shown instead. New players to this game must constantly check the rules to verify a correct match.

With a name like "Vanished!," we hoped for a little more plot than just matching character cards. The memory aspect of this game is good, but the overall gameplay gets dull.

If you REALLY enjoy memory games, then I recommend buying this game. Otherwise, after you play it once, it will gather dust in your closet.

Where to buy:

Any local game or hobby store.

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