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Game Review


Ages 8 and up
Coyote Games
Game © 2001 Coyote Games
game in play

2 Players5-30 minutes


Tochtli (Toe-Klee) is the Aztec word for jack rabbit. Pieces jump around the board until they can capture one of the corners.


To start, players place their pieces on the board in the starting configuration: On directly opposite points, opponents place a stack of two of their pieces. The remaining 4 pieces foe each player are places in two stacks on the adjacent spots to their opponent's starting point (see picture).

Players decide which of them goes first. On a turn, a player may do one of the following:

  • Move your piece or stack one space.

  • With a piece or stack you control, jump over a piece or a stack.

  • Split a stack that you control.

  • Move or jump a single piece onto another single piece to make a new stack.

  • Flip a stack where your piece is on the bottom.

The rules are extremely short, so I am intentionally not explaining them all. If you must know more -- you should buy the game. The rules depict moves that are not allowed as well as noting some exceptions to the "flipping" option.

A player wins when all three spaces of an outer point are controlled by them -- with pieces of the same height: either all stacks, or all singles. A combination of stacks and single pieces will not win.

game start


Winning Conditions:

All three spaces of an outer point are controlled by stacks you control or by single pieces you control.


Our Opinion:

Thumbs Down!Tochtli is one of the first games created by Coyote Games -- a local game store in Redmond, WA. Apparently this is a collaborative effort between the game store and the creator of Dao. We played this game several times -- overall, we could see that it was well thought out and very cleanly constructed. There aren't any major rule omissions, or items to cause us to question the design. However, we had a lot of trouble enjoying the game.

It plays similar to Dao, but strikes us the same way that Ido did. It was presented well, but lacked a fun element. After a lengthy discussion, we believe we could best summarize the problem with this game as follows: Too often, a player does not make a strategic choice in the game -- the player is left with a "must-move" in order to NOT lose. One player attacks several times in a row, until they require multiple moves to be in the next winning position; then, and only then, can the second player launch a counterattack. Typically the player who loses is the player who forgets to defend on a turn.

Tochtli is well balanced, and cleanly written, but it lacks the strategic openness that Dao contains. Players don't need to think as hard in Tochtli -- they just cannot forget to stop their opponent's winning move.

Tochtli is a reasonable game for people who really like two player strategy games -- but it isn't a "must-have." If you are looking for a new 2 player game, compare this with some others that are similar before you buy it. We had mixed feelings about it -- you might like it more than we did.

Where to buy:

Contact Coyote Games at their website.

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