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Game Review

Pass the Pigs
"The Go Hog-Wild Dice Game."

Ages 10 and up
A Milton Bradley Game
Game copyright 1977,1984,1991,1992 David Moffat Enterprises.
Pass the pigs contents
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2+ Players10+ minutes


Use Pigs as dice -- How they land determines how many points you get. Gamble your points against another roll of the pigs, or pas them to the next player.


Player roll the pigs. Each Pig has a dot on one side. How the pigs land after being rolled determines the score.

Some sample scoring:

  • Both pigs on their side with dots showing -- 1 point

  • Both pigs on their side without dots showing -- 1 point

  • One pig on its feet (Trotter) -- 5 points.

  • One pig on its back (Razorback)-- 5 points

  • Both pigs on their feet (Double Trotter) -- 20 points

  • One pig landing on its nose (Snouter) -- 10 points

There are three ways to end your turn:

  1. Pig Out: If both pigs land on their side, and one pig has a dot showing and the other does not. The player loses all points from that turn.

  2. Oinker: The pigs are touching when they stop. The player loses all points in the game so far.

  3. Stop rolling and collect accumulated points.

Size of game pieces...

Winning Conditions:

  • The first player to reach 100 points wins.

Our Opinion:

Thumbs Up! As you can see by the description of the gameplay above, this is not a complex game. In fact, it is downright silly. Rolling pigs as dice is a cute gimmick that will amuse most people.

All of the Zombies love this game. It's inexpensive, portable, fun, and has a gambling thrill. The rules are well illustrated and very tongue in cheek.

This is a "must buy" game for families.

Where to buy:

Any local game or toy store -- It costs about $10.

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