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Game Review

The Omega Virus

Ages 10 and up
Milton Bradley Company
Game copyright 1992 Milton Bradley Company
Omega Virus in play

1-4 Players35 minutes


An evil computer virus (The Omega Virus) has invaded the "BattleSat I" space station computer. If it is not destroyed in time, it will use the sattelite to destroy the Earth. You are a commando sent to the "Battlesat I" with the mission to find 3 anti-virus devices then destroy the virus.


This is a timed game -- Depending upon the number of players and the chosen skill level, you have from 10 minutes to 35 miutes to acomplish your mission.

This game litterally talks to you. When you power the game on, each player is asked to enter a secret code. When this is done, the game begins with the Virus voice taunting you followed by the BattleSat computer telling you which player moves next.

On your commando's turn, you have 4 options:

  1. Explore a room

  2. Attack another commando or probe

  3. Pass (do nothing)

  4. Teleport to another docking bay

Between each player's turn, the BattleSat computer will tell you who plays next, usually followed by the virus voice taunting you with "Try and stop human fools!" or another equally obnoxious statement.

When you explore a room, the room number is entered on the keypad at the center of the board -- in this phase, you will find items such as access cards, probes, or an Anti-virus device. After you have explored a room and found whatever is in it, the computer will announce a code. If this code matched your secret code, then you found the virus in that room, and you will need to go back to the room to fight the virus when you have all 3 anti-virus devices.

If you found a probe, the probe will have a turn just like the commando.

Attacking another commando or probe (i.e. another player) will allow you to destroy or steal one of their objects (access cards or anti-virus device)-- It is random as to which happens.

After you find all 3 antivirus devices, explore the room where you found the virus -- The virus will challenge you to shoot it by pressing a button...If you hit, you win!, if you don't you'll have to wait until the next turn to shoot again.

Omega Virus in play

Winning Conditions:

  1. Find and destroy the virus before time runs out.

  2. Or

  3. Time runs out and the Omega Virus wins.

Our Opinion:

Thumbs Up!This game is best described as a "gimmick game." There really is no incredible strategy -- other than explore quickly. The talking aspect of game is funny at first, but then it gets annoying as you are trying to type in your move on the keypad and the computer won't shut up!

The game is a huge setup effort. You need a large area to play, and there are lots of little pieces that could get lost. Don't forget that you have to supply a 9v battery to play! Once running, it does entertain for the 30 minutes that your group will play.

The most fun in our game took place when the Baroness decided to forget about the virus and attack other players -- the subsequent shotout entertainingly delayed all of the other players' attempts to get the virus. We lost the game after 4 attempts to shoot the virus.

After playing the game, the zombies' discussion noted that younger kids (7-10) wouldn't do well with the game, older kids(11+) won't stay challenged long, and adults will see the gimmick, laugh, and then put it away for the next party 6 months later. We don't think that many people will play this again unless they want to use it to amuse party-goers.

I recommend buying this game if you find it for a cheap price. It is gimmicky and amusing every once in a while, but you won't replay it often with the same group.

Where to buy:

It hasn't been on the shelf for a while, try special order from Milton Bradley.

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