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Game Review

Cranium CongaTM

Ages 8 and up
Game © 2003 Cranium, Inc.
game unit
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3-6 Players30+ minutes


Try to make your opponents guess your answer while they play hot potato.


Each player is given a score card. Players decide who goes first.

On each player's turn, the player draws an activity card -- and reads it aloud to the group. Then, the player writes the answer to the card in the conga unit. As soon as the conga unit's door is closed, the unit is handed to the next opponent. The player begins to act, sculpt, or respond to guesses about the answer in the unit.

In turn each player makes a guess at the answer written in the unit. After each guess, the green button is pressed.

The styles of activities vary with the card -- here are the basics:

  • Creative Cat: sculpting with clay

  • Star Performer: charades plus sound effects... no words allowed

  • Data Head: estimated numbers -- answering player must respond "higher" or "lower"

  • Word Worm: fill in the blank -- players guess what the one word blank is

When the door is shut on the conga unit, a timer starts -- music plays while guesses are being made. The timer may last from 10 seconds to a minute and a half. When the timer runs out without a correct answer being guessed, all players get one point EXCEPT for the player who answered and the player holding the conga unit.

If a guess matches the answer correctly, the door to the unit is opened and the timer is stops. The player and the opponent who guessed the answer get the number of points that the unit has lit (varies from 1-4). More guesses equate to more points.

For each point, a conga tile is placed on the score card. when the score card is filled, the player must yell "Conga!" to win.

sample card

revealed answer

Winning Conditions:

  • The first player completes the scorecard's circle and yell "conga!", wins.

score card

Our Opinion:

Thumbs Up!Conga is a mixture of silly icebreaker questions, charades and hot potato. We found it amusing to play, but we really felt that a larger group would enjoy it more than our three player game.

We thought that the random length timer was a touch of brilliance in the game design. It forced players to decide between guaranteed low points early or trying to inflate the number of guesses to get more points. It's a nice gambling feature that helps keep the game fresh.

After playing, the consensus was that the game is best fit for the high school age group. Younger kids wouldn't understand all of the implications of some of the questions, like "How many body parts can you wiggle?" But, high school students would revel in that level of humor. Older adults would probably not replay the game based of of the level of humor -- or simply not have the time to explore all of the questions in the game.

We liked the game, however the conga music that is played while guesses are made began to grate on our nerves. After about 10 questions if you have a small group, the music can detract from your game.

Overall this is a good game for teenage parties. It's fun for adults, too -- but probably not the ideal pick for an adult party.

Where to buy:

Any local toy or game store -- it cost about $20-25.

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