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Game Review

Boggle Master

Ages 8 and up
Parker Brothers
Rules © 1973; last revision 1993 Parker Brothers
Boggle Master setup

2+ Players5+ minutes


This is an "improvement" to the original "Boggle." It uses a bigger grid of letters, and 3-letter words don't count.

Shake up the letter dice. Flip the timer. Using the letters on the dice, spell as many words (4 letters or more) before time runs out.


If you know how to play "Boggle" -- the only difference is that 3-letter words aren't allowed anymore.

To start, each player is given a pencil and paper. The letter dice are sealed in a container and shaken up. When the dice are settled, the cover is removed, and the timer is started. Players write down as many of words that can be found in the cubes as possible.

Words must be formed from the letters that adjoin, and no letter may be used more than once in the same word.

When the timer runs out, players compare the word lists. If players have written the same word, that word is crossed out and receives no points. The remaining words receive points based on the number of letters used: 4 letters = 1 point, 5 letters = 2 points, 6 letters = 3 points, 7 letters = 5 points, and 8+ letters = 11 points.

The loudest (and most active) part of the game

Winning Conditions:

  • The player with the most points wins. If multiple rounds are played, the first player to reach the goal score (like 100 points) wins.

Our Opinion:

Thumbs Down! If you have looked at our review of "Boggle," you'll know that we liked it. But, unless you truly LOVE Boggle, do not buy Boggle Master.

Boggle Master only adds more letters to the original. For me, that just wasn't enough. For the Baroness, it's great -- but, she LOVES to play "Boggle," and I merely enjoy it once in a while. Really, if you have a copy of the original game, do you truly need more letters? The game play is identical, except for word length. What does that prove? It proves that 4-letter words are just as hard to find in this game as they were in the original.

Cost really isn't an issue -- Boggle Master cost about the same as "Boggle" itself. We recommend that you pick one or the other -- having both just wastes your money.

Where to buy:

Any local toy store including K-mart, Target, WalMart, etc.

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