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Welcome to the Game Zombies' realm!

The Baron

Random Statistics

Real Name:

Werner Fee

Year Born:


Marital Status:

Married since 1993 to Kimberly (aka the Baroness)


  • Girl -- Born October 14, 2001
  • Boy -- Born March 26, 2003
  • Boy -- born October 7, 2004


1 dice chasing cat


BSc. Mathematics from Colorado School of Mines


Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Location of Residence:

Sammamish, WA USA (Near Seattle)

Non-Computer Hobbies:

Anime, Comic books, Playstation Games, and Board Games (duh!)

Favorite Sports:

Soccer, Ice Hockey (Go Avalanche!)

Recommended Movies:

The Matrix, A Clockwork Orange, Being John Malkovich, The Court Jester

Recommended Anime:

Neon Genesis Evangelion; Trigun; Mermaid's Scar; Vampire Princess Miyu; Serial Experiments Lain; Inuyasha

---begin CRFH!!! code ---
F- U- !IRC R+ RM--- H PSL++ FW--- S FR- WB- GN? MW- AI+++ D&M+ BR-- RPG? FDS-- !BSL !N P+ W++++ I+ E- DOOM SOC++ AF
---end CRFH!!! code ---


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