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Boy did it get hot in here.  I haven't touched this site in years, and yet people still come to it.  This was the first site I ever built, so forgive it's crude appearance.  I guess I've come along way since then (especially with my imaging, heh heh).  If you want to see my current work, visit  I will no longer edit this site, but thanks for coming anyway.  If you haven't noticed yet, all the info is horribly outdated, but what the hell, I'll leave it floating in cyberspace.

Happy New year! Not millenium, that starts next year (dumb computers). Anyway, everything on this site is now up and running. I would just like to make on comment to all those idiots who run Zelda sites out there--it's HYLIAN, not "hyrulian." Do you know how dumb hyrulian sounds? Does Link use the "hyrulian shield"? NO! He use the Hylian shield! Get it right already!

The latest Zelda game, Zelda Gaiden, is scheduled to come out in Japan in March of 2000 and in the U.S. that November. It's gonna be a while, Zelda fans!

Hyrule Poll

Which is the best Zelda game so far?

Legend of Zelda
Adventures of Link
A Link to the Past
Link's Awakening
Ocarina of Time

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