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Here's Wolverine in two of four costumes that he'll use in the game!

This is a screen shot of WOLVERINE's two other time lines in the game(but my friend said that their planning to change the one in the yellow shoulder pads)!

This is five the of better pictures that I have gotten (left to right:Wolverine and Iceman's early stage, Iceman is just overpowered by beasts brute force, Wolverine is about to go head to head with Iceman, Beast gets knocked out by Wolvie's throw down, and last Apacolypse is being chopped-up by Wolverine's slice).

Here are 6 screen shots from the game's early to near completed stage!!(left to right: Ice Man's making popcicles of Wolverine, Storms ready to make Beast 'X'tra crispy, Gambit's dealing Beast an unfair hand, Wolverine has reversed Apacolyps's slide kick with a jump, Wolvie's getting ready to cut Ice man down to size, and finally Wolverine and Ice man in an early picture of the game!)

These are more recent screen shot from the game and quite frankly some of the others looked better but I think that there gonig to change how the game looks like in a little while cause as you can see this games almost finished in these shots(L to R:Wolverine is about to finish Cycolops with his berzerker barrage, Wolverine is getting ready to slash at Cycolops, I'm not sure but I think that Cycolops did some sort of Ryu spinning kick to Wolverine,Wol verine just barly moved to avoid Cycolopses punch, Wolverine does a heavy jump kick to Cycolopes head[in most of these pictures it's actually supposed to be Storm v.s. Cycolops but in the game you are going to be able to use a tag-team type of play in story mode and possibly in 2-on-2 mode]).

Here are the most recent pictures of the X-MEN game for N64 and of couse PSX!(L to R):Here we have Wolverine making a cut-up of Cycolops, here's Cycolops fighting...Cycolops?!?!(as you can see this is a picture of Cycolops fighting Cycolops but if you look closly one of them are from the movie!), here we see movie Cycolops doing a super-special move to Cycolops, Here we see Movie Wolverine doing a heavy slice to Wolverine, and here as our last picture is the GAME BOY COLOUR version of X-MEN: MUTANT ACADEMY( this picture shows Cycolops and Storm Fighting)!

Here are the most latest and greatest screen shots that I have recived:(L to R)First we have 'Old one eye' doing an upper cut to Wolverine, next Cycolops is doing a optic blast upper cut, and here we see a cool "swing around" shot of Wolverine being Blasted in to a wall, and last but not least Wolverine doing his "Wolverine tornado" to Cycolops, man I can't wait till this game comes out, it looks great so far just think of how it'll look a month from now!

Wolverine galore!:(L to R)First we see Wolvie doing an upper cut to Cycolops, then we see him doing a combo slash kick to Cycolops and here we see the near finished Wolverine polygon model!

In side look of the game time!:(L to R)first we finally see the character select screen(PSX version)!, now here's Wolvie blocking a super special from Cyclops, here's Wolvie booting Cycolops, and here's Cycolops missing Wolvie with an optic blast because he's so short(how humiliating)!

This is a very, very cool group shot of the X-MEN, this picture is just a group picture that my Friend at Activision put together and sent me isn't this really just cool to look at?

Man it's like they went in to 'the Matrix' movie; all that jumping and flying(L to R):Zapppa! Beast just got blasted away with Magnetos' magnetizm attack even though Beast isn't metal unless he has a gold tooth or some thing..., Jump start the fight with Gambit and Cycolops!, Some more acting lessons from movie Cycolops, your really light; so light that I can lift you with one hand!

A whole lotta power...(L to R): Mommy I wanna get off now...I'm getting sick...from the 'Tilt-O-Whirl' to you N64 or PSX this game hasn't let me down yet with it's innovative and new fighting engine and style of attacks! Here's Wolverine doing his strongest combo on the comic book Wolverine!, Here's Wolverine doing his strongest grapple to his movie counter-part, and finally here's Cycolops doing his second strongest grapple to his movie counter-part.

Every one get ready for the BIG BOOT!(L to R):Mmmm...Lava...first we have Cycolops jumping over Magneto's slide kick, next up is Cycolops giving Beast a BIG BOOT to the head, third we have Gambit giving Magneto a taste of his own medicine!, and I saved the best for last! It's Wolverine V.s. Sabertooth!!! I only wish I knew who won this match...oh wait I do, It was Wolverine, with his cool 'Matrix' grapple(though it's strange, because that's one of the hardest grapples for Wolvie to do because you have to press back and grapple to do it)!

Hmmm... they seem to like Gambit and Toad a lot:(L to R)Ummm... Toad shouldn't you be doing that on the "Slip and Slide" water slide? Well as you can see Toad is doing on of his running attacks to Beast, You took my comb take that! Storm shown here kicking Mystiques' shin, Go join the Circus Toad! Toad showing off one of his many tricks to Gambit... the hard and painful way, Bring it on froggy! Gambit and Toad waiting for the other to make their move,Here's an added Bonus for you Storm and Wolverine fans! it's the close-up of Storms' finished wire frame! and the partly finished Wolverine wire frame!

Villans win!(L to R): Take this Gambit! Sabretooth chucking Gambit around, Another victory for Mystique!, it's Magnetos' favorite game: the Toad toss! Magneto shown here throwing Toad around.

Something for movie goers!(L to R):Here's an added bonus for all you who are looking forword to the X-MEN movie! it's all the characters from the game in their movie costumes(except Toad and Pheonix) First up is Cycolops and below him Magneto, looking down is Wolverine and his arch nemisis Sabretooth, and to the right is Storm and the she-villan Mystique! WOW those are some cool movie costumes they made for the game, I just cant wait till the game and movie come out!

BOOOOOMMMM!!!!(L to R): Oh my gosh! They ended the world! No, just kidding it's Beast just pulling off one of his X-treme specials, Oooh! the recoil from Sabretooths' spinning pile-driver sent Beast "down under", Beast tost Sabretooth like a sack of potatos!, Another Special from Beast to Sabretooth!

Some movies and games are too dramatic...(L to R): First off we have Wolverines' "Story" loading screen, You must learn grasshopper! Just kidding! Cycolops is justr showing off his new moves to Sabretooth, You guys'll love this its a picture of Magneto and Cycolopses FMV movie(the movie when you beat the game)!

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