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Ancient Indian Heavy Cavalry

Old Glory Heavy Cavalry (PPI-09). My Indian army needed some heavy cavalry to match up against the Macedonians cavalry which my Indians face more times then they care to say. Of course, this unit is no match for the Companions but they can handle most other cavalry units. They do attract a lot of attention and often draw off the Companions though, so I guess in that regard they are performing a function.

My Heavy Cavalry command group is pictured above. Unfortunately, this pack comes with only two rider poses, so I had to do some conversions to put together a command group. The standard bearer was easy to convert, as was the leader - I just stuck a lose sword (from the Foundry's Ancient German range) in his hand. I also gave the leader a snappy white outfit to signify his high standing, afterall leaders have to look like...well...leaders!. The Musician was a bit tricky. I had to bend the arm, without breaking it, so he'd looked like he was raising his trumpet to sound a charge (or retreat!). Well, the arm broke. So I filed it down, pinned it and squadron putty'ed the gaps. Finally, I put a spear in his left hand - because he needs something to fight with.