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Ancient Indian Archers

Indian Skirmishers armed with longbows and big swords

Indian Archers (Essex) These I order individually. I could have used Old Glory for this unit but I wanted different poses and to test Essex out. In my opinion some of the figures are a little better than OG. Some minor conversions here too, like swapping the hand that holds the long bow and turning a head here and there.

Old Glory Longbowmen (PPI-05) with 2 hand weapons. When I first bought these guys I didn't like them, there were a limited number of poses (3 to be exact) and 2 of them were almost the same. Well, I got a round to painting them and grew to like them a bit. The leader is an Essex figure. The standard bearer is a conversion.

Old Glory Longbowmen

Indian Longbowmen by Old Glory (PPI-06) The pack comes with several poses; all the figures are bowmen. Included in the picture is one of the musicians from the Spearmen pack (PPI-04). The standard bearer I made by cutting the bow out of the hands of a Longbowmen like the one pictured on the far left, then I crafted a longbow out of plastic and glued it on his back. After all he’s got to get to shoot Macedonians too!