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Welcome to Ultimate Desecent, formally Snow Scorpion Studios. This is one of the most updated, and trying to be the BEST Descent Walkthough page on the net! This is not one of those crummy fan sites which give you all this queer info like "How to master every trick" or something like that. None of that here. Only the basic, most detailed information without all the crap and advertising. Ultimate Descent also hosts the: The Pyro GX Ring of Fire Power WebRing. You can join it if your site is about Descent. The link for the page is at the bottom of your screen.

Site news for August 10th, 2000

You will notice the layout is the exact layout of SSS. It is changing by the month, and I hope to get it completed by the end of the year. The Descent 2 Mech Page will also be going under heavy contruction.

This site last updated: 08/10/00

Ultimate Descent is made by the following:


I suggest you get these. Expecially GIF Contruction Set. You can make neat little pictures without taking up a lot of space! DTX and DTX2 are available at the Download Sector

( The pics for DTX & DTX2 were not made by the good people who made the programs. Those pics were made and are copyrighted to me )

You are currently hearing the theme song of Descent 1: Level 15. If you would like to download this song and if you have Crescendo, simply click file or whatever at click Save As... If you don't then click here to download it.

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Updates for 08/10/00

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The Descent Sector
What the heck is Descent? What's the point?
What are the weapons? Who's the enemy? Need Cheat Codes?
Need some multi-player tactics? Single-player?
See what Ultimate Descent has to offer!
Want some more cool pages to look at?
See some other cool pages approved by me and are worth a
look at. Report any broken links.
Message Board
Want a place to chat, or ask questions?
The Message Board is the place to do it. Post something
and I'll reply in a day or two.
Banner Link to Ultimate Descent
When you link to me (asking of course) you can choose from a set of colorful banners! They're really neat and worth a peak (rhymes :-P).
What the heck is a WebRing? I'm sure you know.
By going to this page, you can surf through other
pages really quick. They're called WebRings. In fact, this page hosts a WebRing that you should check out!
The Download Sector
Are you a serious Material Defender? Good. In
here you can download games, editors, fonts,
and much much more.
The Contest Page
Every now and then, we put a little brain teaser for you.
Identify a mech by only glimpsing at a texture of it.
If you get it correct, you'll be put on "The List".
Award Page
See the awards that this site has won
and sign up to win the Silver Lifter Award which is given out for Descent Site of the year.
Descent II Missions
By using Descent Mission Builder 2, I have contructed
some twisted and awesome levels for Descent 2. In
the future, I'll post my Vertigo and D1 Missions.

Pilots and counting...

Are you the 15,000th pilot?

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