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News 3-26-00 FreeZell

Hi, Me and another site hae made a new site, please go and visit News 2-19-00 FreeZell
I added some links, so go check around! I also have an affiliate, THe Pokemon Power Plant go check them out!
News 2-18-00 FreeZell

Sorry about not updating but I am waiting for some help on my site. Remember that if you are good at web pages and can help please do so! I would really appreciate it, also please click on the banners so that I can get some great contests!

News 2-9-00 FreeZell

I still haven't gotten all the links up, but if I can get devoted staff members I might be able to get some work goin. So until then I can't do anything about the progress of the site, but if you can, please help out as much as you can. I will really appreciate it.

News 2-9-00 FreeZell

I need help with my site! I need these jobs:
  • Html
  • TCG
  • Java,CGI
  • news
    If you could help I'd apprecitate it.!

    News 2-5-00 FreeZell

    I have a staff member, Efui He will be doing multiple things so I'll get him in the staff page

    News 2-4-00 FreeZell

    I added links to everything in the GAMEBOY section, except for the gold/silver walktru. I'm gonna keep updating my site frequently until I get some staff. If you can help me and is devoted to be a staff member at my site click on the right table "Email FreeZell" Thanx! Also go post some messages at the Message Board!
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