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Welcome to the Nemesis Project. I got the game a month ago and I’ve been emptying clip after clip into cultists and initiates ever since! Being a syndicate and x-com fan this game appealed to me when I saw some previews. When I finally got it and found out how many weapons I had access to, well I try ‘em all. Enough of my talk lets get to basics.

The Brood Mind is dead! I have now finished the game! I have some screen shots of the death of the Brood Mind but I have not posted up on the site as I do not wish to spoil the ending for those who are still battling with the Brood forces. However in my Roll of Honor I wish to add another weapon I found while scavenging the city to my existing favorite:

The G11, modern, very lightweight, good range and a very high stopping power. The gun of choice for the style-conscious team member G11

The Jackhammer, a good fire power to weight ratio and fairly easy to get ammo for. I also recommend the sniper-rifle especially on the faithful and AK-47s as the ammo is everywhere. Jackhammer

Here is my team kicking-ass in the game:

The Team


The tactic I use in the main is to armor and arm up well then use one team member to punch a hole in the Broods ranks to confuse their aiming AI then use the ‘T’ key to consolidate my gains.

Here is a good site for the game:

The guys at Hothouse have added stuff recently that may help with getting the job done. Check out the tactics section as there is some good (and some doh! Obvious) stuff there.

Here is my Abomination Wallpaper downloads:

As you may have guessed by now I also like films. I’ve decided to offer fellow Abomination fans some wallpaper for your PCs:

.Abomination: Enter The Brood

Enter The Dragon

Resolution: Size:

1 size fits all (633Kb)

Enter the Brood - Enter The Dragon Style

.Mission: Abomination

Mission Impossible

Resolution: Size:

1 size fits all (303Kb)

Abomination - Mission Impossible Style

3.Abomination: End of Brood


End of Days

Resolution: Size:

1 size fits all (560Kb)

Abomination - End of Days Style

4.Abomination: The Matrix Project

Matrix - Matrix Style

Resolution: Size:

1024x786 (1.71Mb)

800x600 (1.05Mb)

640x480 (690Kb)

Abomination - Matrix Style

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Last updated 14/01/2000