I have powers! PC GAME in the works.
Police Patrol Released. Now Available. You need a Windows Vista Computer with 1 gb of ram. 1 XBOX 360 Controller!
Play Police Patrol! Click Here to download and play!
Download and play Almighty FREE!
Download Almighty //http://www.mediafire.com/download/rgtg82v2lal30mt/XenoMorph.exe

--Dawn Of The Undead! Do you have the endurance to survive this huge Zombie Onslaught? Use hundreds of bullets and Re-Kill hundreds of Zombies in this endurance shooter! How long can you hold out before the Zombies take you down... Put up a good fight with lots of cool and violent weapons from Handguns to Rocket Launchers! Donate any amount you want and play it again and again. 3 years of playtesting and bug testing went into this game.
Free Download Dawn of the Undead

--Force Zombie Full Version is Released! -Hours of Re-playablility -Lots of Weapons -Variety of Zombies -Long Play, and Skirmish play -Arcade Shooting
Download the Demo here.

--Warning, Some content and games on this site are of a violent nature, viewer discretion is advised. Thanks for visiting!

The SuperHero Computer Game will soon be a reality!
Click Here!
Coming in the Future! The Ultimate Zombie Game for MMF 2.0, The Zombie Force!

--The Zombie Force´┐Ż, is coming along quite well the action is fast and intense at times, and there are a good variety of Zombies to kill. The newest additions are Zombie Bears, and Zombie Dogs, both of which are fast and deadly...

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  • PuddlesOfBlood
  • Puddles Of Blood takes place on a top secret island off the coast of Hawaii, a weapons testing facility has recently had an accident. A biological weapon called Craz-E-8, an experimental psychotropic chemical. It causes severe mental instability in it's victims rendering them a useful tool to internally destroy the target countries population. Guess what? It has leaked at the facility and you are the only one not affected... Getting Started:Instructions; Get the Knife from the bathroom, open Red cabinets by standing in front of them and pressing Ctrl when Standing over them. Hopefully there will be something powerful inside!
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  • The Dead Walk Features
    Lots of Zombies to Kill! 10 Different Weapons! Vehicles to Drive and a CPU Helper! Lots of Blood!