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In addition to producing quality tires for all types of automobiles, Paxton Tire & Rubber Co. is the only business in Vexillium producing intercontinental-size airships.

The current production model, the Paxton Mark 1, is 236 meters long, 30 meters in diameter and can carry 40 passengers in luxurious style at a top speed of 120 km/h. Or it can be equipped to carry 600 m3 of freight.

Currently, there are eight Mark 1 airships flying in Vexillium. Three — including the flagship Covington — are being used for passenger service by Cove Air®, the national airline of Lamb’s Cove. The other five were commissioned by the Ordlandic Air Force for military service. Here are two of the airships painted in the customer's livery:

Paxton Tire & Rubber Co. is now taking orders for new airships. They can be purchased unpainted, or fully equipped in your airline or national colors. There are many variations available for the passenger/cargo compartment.

In addition, PT&R engineers are available to help design mooring facilities at your airports or bases.

Contact Paxton Tire & Rubber Co. for all the details on how to improve your air travel with smooth-sailing, quiet airships.