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AGI to SCI Conversion Suite

This is the place to get the latest versions of my AGI2SCI programs.

Program name Current version Source Binary Old versions
PIC2PIC2.1.1bPIC2PIC SourcePIC2PIC Win32 binary1.2.2b
TOK2VOC2.0.0bTOK2VOC SourceTOK2VOC Win32 binaryNone available
VEW2VEW2.0.0VEW2VEW SourceVEW2VEW Win32 binary1.1.3

Abandoned projects

No longer in development are SND2SND (a sound converter) and LGC2SCR (a game logic/script converter). I apologise to anyone who waited 11 years to find out if these projects were still going ahead, though I doubt that's anyone.
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