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Ambercon US

Heroes of Fightin' Magic (III-name pending confirmation)

Continuing Campaign-Terminated

GM: Marc Phoenix Gibbs

Please, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, use the email link at the bottom of each page. I will do my best to answer as rapidly as possible.

26 April 2003 Update
Hi there... Well, due to no one's fault in particular, probably most notably the economy, a grand total of one registered player was available for HFM III at ACUS 2003.

So, HFM has been closed/canceled. Sorry, if you were becoming attached to it, but it's been/being replaced by a campaign that started this year, and will have slots open for new players for... probably at least the next two years.

EMAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS. I *LOVE* questions. They're SO much better than having to tell someone they're wrong during the game. :)

None planned

Background History of the Campaign
Characters of the Campaign
Character Creation and Limitations
Partial Powers System for the Game
Magic System for the Game

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