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Strategies and Secrets:

13th Zodiac Stone
To get the 13th Zodiac Stone you must go into the Deep Dungeon (Found in Chap. 4 in Warjilis Trade City, near the beginning of the chapter) After you defeat the final boss, Byblos will join your party. He has awesome abilities and the 13th Zodiac Stone!  

Duplicate Weapons
Set the Ninja's "Two Swords" skill on anyone. Equip a shield in their right hand, and the item you want duplicated in their left. Now go to a shop that sells the items you want duplicated, choose "BEST FIT" and buy them. Next, go to the formation screen and remove the items. You should now have two of the item you had in the left hand.

Have Cloud join Your Party:
This tip must be done during Chapter 4. Go to Zeltennia Castle and listen to the rumor called "Cursed Island" Buy a flower from Aeris at Zarghidas Trade City then go to Goug machine city with Mustadio. You should see a cinema scene of Mustadio, his father, and Ramza looking at a steel ball that his father found.

Go to the bar in Goland Coal City and listen to the rumor of the "Ghost of Colliery" After this, go to Lesalia and the screen should shown a scene of a bar. When you leave, invite Beowulf to join your party. Now that you have Beowulf, go to Goland Coal City and you will fight 4 battles here and save Reis. After you save Reis you will get a Zodiac Stone that will trigger the steel ball.

Return to Goug Machine City again and add the Robot to your party. Now that you have the robot, go to Nelveska Temple. You will fight another robot... defeat him (which shouldn't be a big problem by now) and you will recieve a stone that will bring Cloud to your world. Be wary however.. the robot must be defeated twice to be truly done for.

Now go back to Goug Machine City and you will trigger the time portal machine and it will suck Cloud from the future bringing him to your world. Now go to Zarghidas Trade City and save Cloud from the thieves that appear to be assaultig Aeris. Note: if this part didn't work make sure that you killed Dycerag and his Zodiac Soul Adramelk. When Cloud joins your party, he is not much of a fighter. You'll need to find his Materia Blade so that he can use all of his limit attacks from Final Fantasy VII. The Materia Blade is located in the Bervania Volcano. Set someone on Move-Find Item, then go to the highest point on top of the mountain in the corner of the screen. It's difficult to get to the top without some special height ability, but keep trying if it doesn't work the first time. To be honest, Cloud is not the best addition to your party (especially since he starts out on level 1) but he is a welcome addition to those particularly fanatical FFVII fans. ^_^