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Potion_____50____Restores HP by 30. (All potions harm undead enemies)

Hi-Potion__200____Restores HP by 70.

X-Potion___700____Restores HP by 150.

Ether______200____Restores MP by 20.

Hi-Ether___600____Restores MP by 50.

Elixir_____???____Restores all HP & MP.

Antidote___50_____Cures: Poison

Eye Drop___50_____Cures: Darkness

Echo Grass_50_____Cures: Silence

Maiden's Kiss__50____Cures: Frog

Soft_______100____Cures: Petrify

Holy Water_2000___Cures: Undead & Blood Suck.

Remedy_____350____Cures: most abnormal status (frog, poison, etc.)

Pheonix Down__300____Revives dead units. Cures: Dead.

Other Items:


Shuriken____50_______Throwing weapon used by Ninja.

Magic Shuriken_300____Stronger star

Lightning Ball_250____Causes Bolt when thrown. Lightning elemental

Water Ball_____250____Causes Ice Water Elemental.

Fire Ball______250____Causes Fire Fire elemental.

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