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NUKE BOMBER: Drop bombs from a helicopter on helpless buildings. Tests accuracy, concentration, and timing somewhat.

Download Nuke Bomber

UNDEAD DUNGEON: A fun game where you're an explorer with a shotgun killing undead zombie people.

Download Undead Dungeon

THE CHANKA: Six of my signature old games and a new one called Funkytown.

Download The Chanka of Games

PONG-O-RAMA: A non-spiced up version of Pong.

Download Pong-O-Rama

BURGER TOWER II: The sequel to Burger Tower 1 with all new soda and fry machines.

Download Burger Tower II

VIRTUAL DYL: The first Colin Co. game ever released. There's hundreds of things to do in it. Feed him lots of different foods, drinks, and balance evrything out by teaching him, and keeping him healthy and discplined.

Download Virtual Dyl

MINI CITY: A small game where you need to control a city's population, happiness, supplies, money and become the greatest mayor ever known to man.

Download Mini City

THE OCS: The Colin Co. One Card Stack that was sent in to Spilled Software but was never released. This baby is packed with useless novelties.

Download The OCS

COPTER 2000: A color version of the game Stunt Copter.

Download Copter 2000

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