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Meet Ti'ana. She is a norn for you to play with for a bit. I think someone else did something like this but with Shockwave...Ah, well. I still enjoyed making the GIFs for the pics so I'll probably think of wierd and wonderful things for Ti'ana to do eventually. If you have an idea for a new action, don't hesitate to drop me a line, I love getting mail!! Also don't ask me to make you a custom norn. It takes a lot longer than you might think. Enjoy!

How to use: just place your mouse pointer over the button you want to see an action for, and whatever you do, DO NOT CLICK!!! I can't stress this enough so just don't do it OK?

Make Ti'ana sleep (If only it was so easy with REAL Norns!) Make Ti'ana eat (Actually, no they're not as bad as in C2!)

BTW, DON'T steal these pics! I worked hard on them 'cos I'm not v. good at animating. Respect the effort I put into this website to make it as different as it can be. Remember that!
For those of you who are wondering where I came up with the name 'Ti'ana', the truth is, I didn't. It came from the first 2 'MYST' books which are well worth reading, especially if you've played the games (Yep, done that too!)