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Loads more norns for you seeing as in the Poll lots of people want them



Dinkster: thanx to tasha for him. he has a problem where his health drops very quickly so I wouldnt advise adopting him unless you have the advanced science kit

Bleached Jeans: another one from tasha

Crissa: from tasha

Marthea:from tasha

Raychel:from tasha

Sherry: From Jessica at Norns of our Albia. Her dad was Kasyx

Sketch:also from Jessica.Son of Kasyx

C3 Norns

The 'Nico' strain My nickname amongst my friends is 'Nico' for some reason, so I named these after me!
These norns change colour. They are one colour until adolescence when they get darker. They stay that way until they get old when they get darker still. In the pictures the top third is the 1st colour, the middle third, the 2nd colour and the bottom third, the last colour. These are all in the newborn stage and know all their vocab. Enjoy Raina (female)
Sora (female)

Normal Norns
Gossameris my favourite Norn. In this download she is still a baby but knows all her vocab. She is peach at the moment but she will turn yellow in childhood, should be blue in adolesence and should be mauve in adulthood. I haven't tested it yet though, she's still only a child in my world. Take good care of her

Feel free to send some C3 norns to us. I'm very interested in the offspring of these norns.