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Every norn has a name some are nice others are ,well, not. But the name a norn has can directly affect it's life.

For the purposes of this we'll say a norn was born on the 1st April 1999. To work out it's birth number you add the day number to the month number. I this case it is 1+4 (April)= 5.

Then add the year together=1+9+9+9=28 to get its year number

Add the month-and-day number to the year number. In this case 5+28=33

The total is usually a 2 digit number. Remember this number and add the digits together until you get a single digit number.(in this case 6 because 3+3=6)

The birth number is the total over the single digit number (base number). In this case 33 over 6

Now we have ascertained the birth number we just need to think of a name that is compatible with it

To make it compatible, the base number must be the same


birth number=23 over 5

name:Bella=14 over 5

birth number=10 over 1

name:Anton=19 over 1

To make up your own name these are the alphabetical vibrations:

1=A J S

2=B K T

3=C L U

4=D M V

5=E N W

6= F O X

7=G P Y

8=H A Z

9=I R

For example: lets pick a short name, Ayla (thats me!). The individual letter vibrations (see above) are:
A (vibrates to 1)
Y (vibrates to 7)
L (vibrates to 3)
A (vibrates to 1)

The whole name has a vibration of 12 (because 1+7+3+1=12)
This name would be good for a norn with a base number of 3 (1+2=3)

NOTE: If the 2 digit number is a Master Number (11, 22 or 33), dont put them over a base number. These numbers are very special and care should be taken to give any norn with any of these numbers an accurate name. For example: a norn with a birth number of 11 could have the Master Name Jade (1+1+4+5=11). To give a norn a Master Name when it doesn't posess any of the Master Numbers in its birth number, is to condemn it to a life of disappointment for its birth number will not be strong enough to contend with a Master Name. Likewise, if you give a norn with a Master Number a name that isn't a Master Name, it will not achieve its true potential as its birth number will push it to do great things but its name will hold it back.

The base number affects the personality of the norn too

as a rough guide:

1: a leader type assertive and strong

2:friendly and will often single out one partner to spend time with

3: Thinkers who tend to learn well

4: rarely alone and tend to do before think

5: adventurures and travellers

6: creative and daydream a lot usually hava a loving disposition

7:intuative dreamers who are actually very inteligent

8: workers but can sometimes be greedy and selfish

9:impatient but protective

NOTE: It is possible to some extent to impose a personality on a norn by giving it a name with a base number that vibrates to certain personalities (see above). However that is to deny a norns right to be itself. It is moer effective to name a norn in accordance with its birth number