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Feng Shui is the art of achieving balance between Yin & Yang. The trick is to get aspects of both in, as a rule Yang= dark & cluttered Yin= pale & empty. The first step is to check the light levels in the Ecology Kit for where your norns hang out, if it is dark , plant nuts or tomatos. If it is Bright plant triffids. If it is medium, go on to the next step Next step is to see what part of the world it is in:

The areas North, south,n-w and s-e are more Yang anyway so put a little something of Yin there whether it is bright or dark. The same goes for east,west,n-e and s-w but these are more Yin so put something of Yang there

This applies to Norns too. More Yang norns ( angry and/or violent) can be calmed in a more Yin area. Yin norns ( passive and/or listless ) can be "woken up" in a Yang atmosphere. Well that's it. I hope you have gained enlightenment from this page and are well on the way to having a more balanced Albia. Just remember, the keyword is balance. Stay in control of your norn population, and the plants that grow, dont let it get out of hand or let shortages occur and you should be fine ( You can get instant Feng Shui by downloading my Silver Windchimes on the COBs page )