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These are Lyca Norns. They have been made and the reason they aren't here is because my computer went nuts and deleted EVERYTHING! Fortunately my beta tester, Nornastasia, had them and they are now on her site which is here

This is a chipmunk norn

This is a Persica norn. Why Persica? because it's the latin word for peach

This is a Spirit norn. A bit Gothic really is'nt it?

A reptilian-looking norn. The missing link between norns and grendels perhaps?

This is a fox in case you hadn't guessed and I really rather like it

A squirrel (never!)

I'm really proud of this one. It's sorta like a prom queen maybe? We dont really have proms in England but this is all I can say to describe it

My first attempt at a 3D anything! I'm the sort of person who tries to run before she can walk, and instead of trying something simple, I decided to do a norn head. Not bad for a first try, huh?

Ember Norns: I tried messing with a c3 norn to see what I could do. I don't think I pulled it off very well did I? I tried again with a c2 norn and it came out better in my opinion. I've decided I definitely like the c2 norn graphics best, now if CL kept c3 the way it is but put the applets and the c2 norn graphics back in, that would make it a world better!

Chimera Norns: Look at the male's hair (purple,)am I watching too many 'Slayers' episodes do you think? I'm thinking of actually making these into a breed, so if you like the idea of having these running around your world (ship? docking station?) drop me a line, and, before you ask, those ARE stud earrings in the female's ears (the female is the one with the pink ponytail ^_^)

Well that's it. Please tell me what you think of my art and for the love of the Goddess, DON'T STEAL THEM!! I like drawing, hell, it's the only thing I'm semi good at! I'd be absolutely gutted if I found someone was going behind my back so, if you don't want to see me cry, I suggest you leave these pix where they belong: here. Thankyou ^_^