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Yes, itís true

Welcome back to the MLAF! After a long Magic Online induced hiatus, it is time to start up the leagues, both closed and open. The open league will stay the same, BUT I have started a tournament there for fun.


Closed League

Yes, It has finally started up again.


Open League Tournament

Since the current champions of the open and closed leagues are elves, the other races have decided to host a non-elf tournament. All other races are eligible for this event. The winner gets the standard prizes (150,000 gps, 6 MVPs, trophy reroll) and a magic helmet. The loser gets the standard prizes also (100,000, 3 MVPs). Since this is not a championship, there are no retirement rolls needed. In addition, any players that kill or permanently injure AG4+ players (considered elf-like) during this championship receive free magic helmets. Look out, ninjas, monkeys, and gutter runners! I am looking for at least 16 teams for this event.


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