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Race: Dead Can Dance elves
Coached By: dark hakeswill
#Player NamePositionmastagavPlayer SkillsijcptdincsvpspCost
1In the hour of darknessBlitzer7348Block, Guard, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow 46 13153180000
2Assailed by a madnessBlitzer    quit        
3At the point of departureBlitzer7348Block, Dodge, Catch, Tackle 48 2 32150000
4No recourse to reasonWitch Elf8448Block, Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up, +MA, +ST, Diving Tackle, MH 312 14487170000
5The light of hopeWitch Elf7347Block, Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up, Pro 13 2119110000
6Dementia has goneThrower7348Sure Hands, Pass, +MA 22  11390000
7Throughout our wanderingsThrower6348Block, Dodge, Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate 264 235790000
8We fell from God's graceLine Elf6348Block 2   1770000
9In self renovationLine Elf    dead        
10These both are virtuesLine Elf    dead        
11Shines in your eyes.Line Elf6348Block, Dauntless, Diving Tackle 15 3442120000
12Purged from inside.Line Elf6358Block, Guard, +AG 38   2770000
13Lay down your heartLine Elf7358Block, Dirty Player, +MA, +AG, contract$$$54 23273150000
14To restore what little faithLine Elf6348Block 1  11870000
15As morning brings rebirthLine Elf6348Block, Dodge, Dirty Player, Sidestep 41 1725170000
16Turn away on your sideSorceror6348Block, Tormented Soul, Counterspell, Lvl 3, Pro 445 59114280000
Team Name:AdventRe-Rolls:5x $50k =250000
Race:Dead Can Dance elvesFan Factor:22x $10k =220000
Team Rating:330Assistant Coaches:0x $10k =0
Treasury:0Cheerleaders:0x $10k =0
Coach:dark hakeswillApothecary:1x $50k =50000
 Team Wizard:1x $150k =0

Match Record

ResultOpponentRaceScoreCasGateWinningsNotes & Highlights
Win 100-100Amazing GraceHigh Elf4-20-14600070000snack break and HTTT vs magic sponge and the secret way - 1 got guard and 16 got DEAD - ff up and bought an apo
Loss 105-119Qha'lip Dragon KinLizardman0-11-54500080000a better offer, a large donation, and doom and gloom vs flu bug and ??? - screwed yet again by the bot and a DP skink - retired 7 and 12 (niggled) and bought a new blitzer - ff down
Tie 101-120Wasting WoodmenWood Elf2-22-238000140000bankruptcy and it wasn't me vs the big match and burst ball - 9 got blodge, 13 got DP, and 14 got block - bought my wizard and ff up
Loss 121-120Khorne's KrusadersChaos0-10-265000100000it wasn't me!, is it a TD?, and special offer vs player strike - bought a blitzer for 50k
Loss 137-149Blasted Lands BlackpeltsOrc2-31-25800060000HOF, peaked, TBGT (free WE), and flying fist vs healing scroll - the bot truly sucked, with the high point being 6 of my 10 players out in the second half due to sweltering heat - got 2 WEs and ff up from HOF - 8 got +MA and 11 got block
Loss 159-150Amazing GraceHigh Elf0-23-16100040000bad habits and ET vs burst ball, bounding leap, and magic sponge - 8 got block and 13 got +MA - ff stayed
Win 166-153Harmaguedon HeresyChaos3-12-15500090000speed of light and bankruptcy (bribed for 30k) vs bounding leap, HTTT and stop faking it - 5 and 10 got block, 16 got a new level - bought a thrower and ff stayed
Win 179-138Malevolent MajestiesFeline3-23-178000100000inspiration and unseen shield vs MH, ET, last ditch effort, and biased ref - my 4 got +MA and +ST, and 16 got block - ff stayed and I bought 7
Tie 195-196Qha'lip Dragon KinLizardman1-11-386000130000peaked and scutt's deluge vs labatt's flying fist and biased ref - 5 player PI at start and then the fist for a TO before I moved - my mage was KOed and never came back - I did the best I could under the circumstances - bought a reroll with bribe money and my winnings and my ff went down - 14 got dodge
Win 205-178Blasted Lands BlackpeltsOrc3-11-27600080000rakarth's oblit and special offer vs is it a td?, HTTT, healing scroll, and ??? - 4 got block and 7 got sure hands - horrible game for Bastard - ff stayed
Win 212-100C-2Chaos5-13-25800050 - 50k giftmind blow vs flu bug (took out 6, 10, & 16) the chuck, TBGT (free CW) heroic effort, healing scroll, and bankruptcy - 2 dodge, 3 catch, 5 tackle, 15 DP - ff up - fun mismatch and his priest killed himself on the altar
Win 219-109Hollywood HellraisersUndead5-05-47900090 - 10k giftMH on 4, a better offer, and bankruptcy vs scutt's deluge, IIP, a large donation, IATG, merchandising, and bribe the announcer - 1 tackle, 2 got DEAD, 3 dodge, 6 block, 7 block, 13 block - ff up and bought a new 2
Win 223-201Malevolent MajestiesFeline5-18-37800060000bounding leap and ET vs magic pills, high punt, razzle dazzle, and stolen playbook - 2 guard, 9 DP, 10 guard, & 11 dauntless - ff up and bought 12 - my 4 was mng turn 1 (apo failed) - my DP 15 thrown out on turn 1 along with myself on an argue, but his 3 died (apo worked) - then on turn 2 my 14 got BH and my mage stunned himself, and was KOed on a foul - he scored on turn 3 and a 5 player PI got me & my mage was BH - then his razzle dazzle failed and my remaining DP (13) went to work - his 10 died on a foul, his 9 died on a block by my 1, his DP is mng from a foul, his 14 got BH by my 10, his 5 got killed by my DP, and his 4 got -MA by my DP - 3 got a cas off of 15 (BH) - a brutal game for Micih
Win 238-267Qha'lip Dragon KinLizardman3-25-5121000110000double cross, stiletto, I'll get you, and robbed vs knutt's ST and banana skin - 16 got pro - Sigurd's was unkind to Audaxx - niggled his 12 and his 4 lost an AV - ff stayed and no purchases
Win 256-214Wasting WoodmenWood Elf4-18-17100070 - 50 briberak's oblit and bad press vs ET and peaked - 5 DT, 6 sure hands, and 15 block - another bloody game, where 2 of his players died and his apo failed - ff up and bought a rr for double cost
Win 261-141Bones BonanzaSkeleton2-18-07100040000magic hand and special offer vs double cross, the chuck, duh, where am I?, healing scroll, doom & gloom, and bribe the ref #4 - 13 +AG - no purchases and ff up - he started with 12 skellies on my reception, and actually scored a defensive TD thanks to doom and gloom - my mage failed a gfi at the end of the half on a TD attempt, so it was 0-1 vs crappy skellies! (he also failed both spells during the second half) - luckily I was able to score twice in the second half, or else I might have had to retire my team in shame - all 8 of his casualties regenerated (1 was scrolled)
Win 273-164Chaotic CrimesChaos2-16-37900060000lurve potion and TMMM vs spite (on my 4), spy, woof woof, injury time, and the chuck - once again it was 0-1 him on a defensive TD at the half, but his #5 refused to pick the ball up, and I was able to score twice (once thanks to my spell finally working) - 7 and 15 get dodge - ff stays and I bought a rr for double
Win 279-178MutantsChaos3-24-29900050000the secret way and woof woof vs a better offer (bribed 30k), charity match, ET, and eye of the eagle - 4 DT and 14 tackle - my 8 got niggled so he was fired along with my other niggled assistants - ff stayed and I bought a new 8 - his priest killed himself on the altar
Loss 272-288Amazing GraceHigh Elf2-33-2126000120000potion vs scroll and brain trust - Barb was going to forfeit rather than play my dirty elves, so I played clean in return for her MI, which I used on her dead Dragon Warrior for 50k - the bot lost me the game, with plenty of sk sk on blocks, and 1 rr 1 on passes or catches, still it was better than a 0 spp forfeiture game - no skills and ff stayed
Win 289-182Little CrowsDwarf3-14-17800040000ET vs flu bug, tents, ET, ET, and injury time - 2 dodge, 9 tackle - silly mismatch, but fun - ff up and bought a rr with ET
Win 300-220Hollywood HellraisersUndead3-22-412500060000scutt's deluge & custard pie vs ringer (extra mummy), bribe #1 (took out a DP turn 1), sorry! (killed my apo turn 1), morley's revenge (which totally failed!), and spite on my +ST WE - 16 got counterspell - silly game - bought 8 again after he was niggled, and bought a new apo - ff stayed
Win 298-170Bones BonanzaSkeleton7-09-29800050000lurve potion and blitzkrieg vs ringer, stiletto, that makes me mad!, bribe #1, and magic sponge - 3 tackle, 8 block, 11 DT, and 12 block - started with a 6 player PI that got 3 skelly cas, and went from there - fun game for me, and no cas from fouling - ff up and no purchases
Win-QF 314-262Malevolent MajestiesFeline5-32-311000060000lurve potion, custard pie, and stink bomb vs IGMEOY, grudge match, bad press, referee!!!, and speed of light - 8 got dodge, and 10 got +MA - both of us had great cards, but the rolls were absurd during the game - skull skulls, and quad skulls rolled my me - 15 and 11 are mng - ff down from bad press and no purchases
Rape-Semi 325-256Hollywood HellraisersUndead2-3 in OT3-914100030000blitzkrieg (not used) and get 'em, lads! vs bribe #1 (took a DP out turn 1), custard pie (failed), the secret way (saved a ghoul from a blitz), and ET (not used) - 6 got accurate - 5 died (Block, Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up, Tackle, Diving Tackle 41 spps), 8 died (Block, Dodge 12 spps), 9 died (Block, Dodge, Tackle, Dirty Player 56 spps), 14 was niggled and fired (Block, Dodge, Tackle 33 spps), 2 lost an AG, but the apo worked - then he retired at the end of the season! (Block, Guard, Dodge 12 spps) - ff up, paid 10 50k to stay, and bought a new 5
Win 260-251Wasting WoodmenWood Elf5-44-29200080000mind blow & doom and gloom vs magic helmet (countered!), heroic leap, and demo game - 5 block, 12 +AG - close game, where my cards and sorceror made up for his kickoff results - ff up and bought a new blitzer (number 2)
Win 276-112Team NameGoblin5-14-010000050000healing scroll vs TMMM, banana skin, bribe #2, sewer map, I'll get you!, TWHAB, time warp, and merchandising - 2 dodge, and 5 pro - very absurd card rape, but once he ran out of turnover cards, it was easy - ff up and no purchases - I used his merchandising for him in return for 10k
Win 289-280Blasted Lands BlackpeltsOrc3-15-112600040000magic hand and player strike vs butterfingers and mind blow - my cards were useless, but the game was a romp - 2 got tackle - ff up and I bought a new 14
Tie 300-355Amazing GraceHigh Elf2-24-315900070000time warp (failed on gfi), ET (useless), take a dive, and sorry sir! (killed her apo) vs spy and hawkfing's curse - 1 got MB - the bot was VERY erratic, but I eventually got all but 2 elves off of the field at one point - it was sunny most of the game, which REALLY hurts Dark Elves - ff stayed and I bought 8 again
Loss 313-293Hollywood HellraisersUndead0-24-515100070000sponge and bribe #4 vs sorry! (apo mng) and magic hand - started with a 3 player PI against me and it never let up - 1 and 4 are mng, and 6 (44spps?) and 10 (27spps) are dead - ff stayed and I bought a new 6
Win 288-157Phantoms of DeathOrc4-03-011200050000speed of light vs knutt's ST, press gang (15 mng), snack break, assassin, and bribe #2 - 7 accurate - silly mismatch, but having my apo mng made it... interesting - ff up and no purchases
Win-QF 300-168Phantoms of DeathOrc5-02-213000040000magic potion and press gang (his 9 is mng) vs scroll, razzle dazzle, knuckledusters, ET, & heroic leap - 6 +MA, 12 guard, 16 +level!!!!!!!!! - fun game, but 5 and 13 are mng - ff stayed and no purchases
Win-SF 310-327Hollywood HellraisersUndead2-0 forfeiture3-022000070000mind blow & greased shoes vs MI ET and spy - 15 sidestep - started with a blitz, knocked a wight oob with my +ST WE, then used TS to score - repeated the process, and he just gave up after rolling double 2s on a foul against my Sorceror - ff up, and it looks like Barb won't even bother to play me for the championship - well, this season was cut short, but still seemed to take forever - damn those quitters and shirkers
Win - FinalsAmazing GraceHigh Elfforfeiture   she refused to play
Postseasonresultsfor season 3    MVPs went to 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, & 14 - 4 skills from MVPs - 2 MB, 6 sure hands, 8 block, 14 block - then 2 quit! - 1 wants 80k, 3 wants 50k, 11 wants 50k, 13 wants 80k, and 16 wants 140k - lost 1 rr, and 13 is mng until I pay him off - new TR is 330