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Welcome to the page of rejected variants. Below you will find (hopefully) a large amount of SCS and background flavour of variants that people submitted to the various B5Ws variants products which were rejected. I'm allowing anyone to submit a variant submission to me (Paul Brown) to put on this page, so some variants may be outrageous and incredibly munchkin. Some of these may not have even been submitted, but are here anyways just because their variants. The various variants are divided by race. Feel free to play with any of these variants, and if you like email their author the result of any such battles. Some authors may not have a link for their email address, which means they dont want to chat. If you want your variant to appear here, email me: Paul Brown. If you have a gif file or pdf, then rock on! If not, I make SCSes often and I may be able to do something (or you could ask another person). I recently added a new SCS Creation page. It used to be located on but then the bastards nuked it, so here it is on the excellent Angelfire server ('xcuse the pop-ups)


Variant of the Month

Month Variant Name Author