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Overall Game Rules

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Site Status:  Under Heavy Construction                                                                    Site Last Updated:  10:30pm EST - Jan 14th, 2001

New's From The Creator

10:30pm EST - Jan 14th, 2001

     Good evening fellow RPers, I have finally figured out the EXP Systems & Charts if you'd like to look at them.  Also, I've modified the Character Classes section since the first time, so you might want to glance back over that.  Well, now that I have all that set up, its about time to start testing the combat system.  So everyone, try to find someone to try it out with.  You can battle yourself if you'd like acting as two different characters.
     If you do test out the combat system, please log it and send a copy of that log to me along with how you feel about the system.  I was hoping that I could have got all that done by Saturday morning, that way most of you would have a good amount of time for it.  Unfortunatly sometimes life throws you a curve ball and I had to work most of the weekend so I wasn't able to work on Azerith.  But now it's done and I would like you to test the combat system and tell me how you think it is and how you feel about it.
     I know the system is a little complex, but that will make most of the "newbies" think twice.
     I've also finished the Hit Dice System for those of you wondering how the HP is going to work.
     I would also suggest getting used to the combat system, I plan to hold a test tournament within the next two weeks.

8:30pm EST - Jan 12th, 2001

     I've finished the character class section so take a look at it and tell me what you think of it.  I've also finished the Combat Rules.   Read through those section and tell me what you think and your ideas.

3:00am EST - Jan 11th, 2001

     I've added a Race section and the ability to create a race.  I've also added a character Class section.  I am creating the character class section otherwise each person would simply be what ever they want, and I need to be able to track some things, such as the fact that each character class will have it's own unique abilities or spells for combat.  Also, if you look in the class section once I get something there, it will show you the evolution of a class as it goes up levels.  Some classes as you go up levels will evolve into two different clases, this means at that level you get to choose which class you wish to become, your char doesn't become both.
     I'm probably going to be working on this most of this morning and probably won't get to sleep till 8am EST, so if your around, you can IM if you'd like with question or what not.  My AOL SN is AzerithsCreator.

2:30am EST - Jan 10th, 2001

    A couple of you have already sent me character applications to register your char's in Azerith, at this time I am not currently accepting them, so please hold off and be patient.  I want to get the webiste complete first and have a test run of the game itself by the rules before I declare Azerith complete and ready.
     I know alot of you have been itching for something new like this, but in order for me to make this RPG work, the quality and game play of it is going to have to be determined by my determination and effort, so I don't want to jump in a just start running with it until I feel it's ready.  This is a delicate RPG, and until the foundation is up to support it, I don't want to jump in and then watch all my work go down like a house of cards.  I'm just as eager to start as any of you, but I'm going to need your patience.
     I'm working as fast as I can to get this complete, taking as much time as I can commit to this each day around my work and life shedule.  This is the basic design of the website so far.  I might still be adding in a few more sections, but for now I think this is pretty stable.
     If you wish to E-mail me about Azerith with any questions, comments or ideas, you can E-mail me at