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Chapter 1: The Meager

Before I start explaining the game, I will just tell you that it is impossible to have an easy battle because you are like 10 levels ahead of where the enemies are. This is because the enemies levels advance as yours do. Specificly they are around 3 levels of Ramza's level. Througout this walkthrough I will be refering to Ramza as your main character because that is the default name. And the most important thing I can say is save your game often. FFT is not a forgiving game. I had to restart the game 5 times before i beat it. I hope this walkthrough help you when you are stuck.

The game begins at Orbonne Monastery. A band of enemy knights shows up, and you have to fight. This is an easy battle because Agrias and Gafgarion will take care of most of the enemies.Just walk around and beat up one of the four archers or the lone knight. Afterwards, Delita appears on the back of a chocobo and captures Princess Ovelia. Ramza then has an (extended) flashback about Delita and the Death Corps....

All of Chapter 1 is a flashback to Ramza's days as a Hokuten Knight-in-training. You (Ramza) and Delita will be at the academy in Gariland, where you receive the assignment to defeat some thieves in the town. You are automatically joined by four squires and two chemists, then the first battle begins.

This is the most importent part of the game. You will be choosing which of the generic characters you will be using throughout the game. (Generic characters are characters whos looks change depending on their job.). I suggest you choose the two squires who have the highest exp. and the two chemists so that you have a good balance of jobs for later battles. This battle is pretty easy too. Send Ramza, a squire, and a chemist on the left side of the water and a chemist and a squire on the side with all the houses. Have the chemists stay toward the back and heal your characters that get injured. Try to take out the enemy chemist first as he has unlimited potions and will just heal the other enemies.

After you win the battle take a hike to the local store. Buy a couple potions (have about 10 total) and buy any armor or swords etc. for your characters as they need it. . As soon as you leave the city, you'll have a flashback (yes, a flashback in a flashback) to the death of Ramza's father Balbanes.

After that sequence has ended, you'll move on to the Mandalia Plains. Here, you'll meet Algus.He is getting ruffed up by the notorious Death Corps. Choose to save him and use the same strategy as the first battle. Although the first thing you should do is use a potion on algus as he gets hit twice by the enemy and if he dies the battle is over.

Back on the map, go on up to Igros Castle. You'll have a brief chat with Dycedarg, then you'll be sent to go to find Marquis Elmdor. Buy new equipment (if there is any; I can't remember) and stock up on Potions.

This is the most boring part of the game, but it is the only way to get through the game without reseting it. It is also the only way to get past the boring jobs and get the cool ones, which means cool abilities. Head back to Mandalia Plains and fight as many battles as you have to untill you characters get these abilities. (By the way, you have to switch the characters jobs from chemist to squire to get all these, but believe me, it is worth it when you are done.) Your characters should have these abilities. In parenthesis it shows which job class the ability is from.

Throw Stone (Squire)

Move +1 (Squire)

Auto Potion (Chemist)

Accumulate (Squire) *Optional

I know it will take a while just don't give up. This is the only time in the game where you have to do this.

After you are finished, head down to Sweegy Woods and beat the 5 or 6 monsters that appear there. The only character whos job you need to change is Algus. Make him an archer and have him learn Charge +1 or Charge +2. AVOID all other job changes at this time.

Before you move on to Dorter Trade City, be sure that all your characters have Battle Boots equiped. And again make sure you have at least 10 potions. As soon as you enter the slums, You will see Wiegraf (The leader of the Death Corps) trying to get some info out of another soldier in the Death Corps. This is your first tough battle. But if you have what I said you should, you will do fine. Don't worry about the lone archer on top of the highest point because Delita and Algus will take care of him. Advance the rest of your characters toward the knight straight ahead of your party. Try to take out the Wizard first as he causes the most damage. It should only take 1 or 2 attacks to kill him. Then focus your attacks on the knight. Lastly, kill the to last archers and the wizard that are on top of the crates. Upon your victory, you'll be able to visit the town. Buy new equipment and stock up on items. This is the time when you should start changing jobs. Make Ramza, a squire, and a chemist knights, make the other squire a monk, and make the last chemist a wizard. Fight a couple of battles to get some abilites of these new jobs. When you're ready, go on up to the Zeklaus Desert, where you'll have a battle at Sand Rat Cellar. This another tough battle. This is also the first battle where you will deploy two different battle squads. You are also only able to send four of your generic characters. They first party should consist of Ramza, and one of the knights. Delita is also in here but you cant put him there, he just appears in the battle. The Other party will have your monk, and your knight. As soon as the battle begins, Send Ramza over to the side of the battlefield where most of the enemies are. They only enemy that delita and your knight will have to fight is a lone monk and maybe an archer. On the other side however, get your knight to stand in the doorway as soon as possible to block the other enemies from getting through. That way you can only get attacked by one enemy at a time. When his HP gets low, back him up and stick Ramza in there and hack away at the other knight. When There are a monk and an archer left, just go berserk on them and hack away untill they are dead.

After the battle is over, return to Igros Castle. Dycedarg will send you south to the Thieves' Fort. Before you go to the Fort, however, you want to make Ramza and 1 other knight both lancers. There are not any weapons for them yet, but their jump takes as much damage away as a knights attack does. Fight a few random battles to gut their jump abilities up and then head south. The Thieves' Fort is easier than Sand Rat Cellar, so you shouldn't have any trouble. You don't even have to kill every enemy. Just move Ramza and the other lancer up and jump at Miluda the first turn. That should take away half of her life. Have the other knight attack the Priests. The wizard should go on the left side hill and cast spells on some of the thievs. The monk should go on the right side hill and take care of some more thieves there. Use wave fist on the enemies most of the time. Following the battle, there will be a cutscene at Igros in which Teta (Delita's sister) is kidnapped.

Strip Algus of all his equipment, as he'll be leaving your party shortly. Go back up to Igros. A series of scenes will follow in which Ramza and Delita decide to rescue Teta, and Algus leaves.

Return to Gariland. While you're here, buy plenty of Potions. (12 or so). Go north to the Lenalia Plateau. You'll have another battle against Miluda. This battle is just a little bit tougher. Send your wizard up the right side and cast spells of the knights. Send the monk up the left side towards the back and attack Miluda. Your two lancers should jump at the priest and wizard. Your knight should just protect the wizard and ruff up whoever tries to kill him/her. After the battle, check your item supply. If it's sufficient, just go on ahead to the Fovoham Plains. If it's not, go back to Gariland, but you might have a random battle on the return trip.

At Fovoham Plains, you'll square off against Wiegraff and his Chocobo Boco (from FF5). This battle isn't too difficult. Delita probably gets killed the first turn as he is really weak. Have your lancers jump at Wiegraf and your monk use wave fist on him. The knight should attack either Wiegraf or the enemy monk. Again, if your item supply is okay, you can continue directly on to Fort Zeakden, the final battle of the chapter, where you'll have to fight Algus.

At Fort Zeakden, you'll find Teta being held captive by a Golagros, a Death Corps knight. Algus and Dycedarg arrive with some troops, and Algus shoots Teta and Golagros. You then fight Algus. This is the hardest battle of the chapter. Again you have to deploy to battle parties. The party with ramza should have the other lancer with him. Delita is also here. The other party should have the monk and the knight. As soon as you can, send the knight over to attack algus. Your monk should just be a decoy and run from the wizard and knight that try to attack him. Just mkae sure to keep them out of the battle. Your Lancers should jump at Algus. He is hard to kill because he has auto potion. After you kill him, the fort will blow up, and the chapter ends.

Chapter 2: The Manipulator and the Subservient

You now return to the present, at Orbonne Monastery. Your curren mission is to rescue Princess Ovelia. Rad and Agrias' two Knights will join your party, and Agrias and Gafgarion will join as Guests. You still have all your characters from Chapter 1 (except Delita).

Before you do anything, unequip Agrias and Gafgarion's equipment and give it all to your party. They have very strong equipment. Then headnorth to Dorter, where another battle awaits you. This is another easy battle. Have the lancers move up and jump at the wizards and archers. Your monk and knight should attack the thievs that charge at you. Gafgarion and Agrias make this battle a lot easier.

You now have the ability to take Propositions at bars. You can earn a lot of gil and some JP from these jobs, so take them up (never more than one at a time, though). Always use the maxinum number of days possible, and the maximum amount of characters. Just walk between two cities untill the days are up.

All the stores in the three towns have new items, so pay them a visit to get supplies for your characters. Don't buy any equipment for Gafgarion because he will be leaving you soon. Stock up on Potions for your auto-potion ability.

Here you have to save Boco (the chocobo) from the goblins (pick the second choice). You shouldn't have any trouble so I won't walk you through it. After the battle, Boco will join.

Back on the map, go into your formation screen and change Gafgarion into a Time Mage (this should cause him to lose all his equipment). Then continue on to Zirekile Falls. The graphics here are simply incredible. Here you'll find Delita and Ovelia being attacked by some Hokuten Knights. The Knights demand that Gafgarion join them, and he does. You then have to fight him and the knights to save Ovelia. This battle is easy because gafgarion cant do anything while he is a Time Mage. Have the whole party move up and attack Gafgarion and the enemy knights that are punking Ovelia. Delita is now a Holy Knight (NO FARE!) so he can take care of the other knights by himself.

After the battle, Delita will leave you with Ovelia. Ramza decides to go to Lionel Castle. If you need items, go back to Dorter. The next battle is a toughie, so be prepared. Also, give Agrias battle boots, auto potion, and move +1. Also before you move on, change your whole party into thievs and fight a few random battles so that you have enough JP to get move + 2. When you're ready, go to Zaland Fort City.

You'll meet Mustadio, who is being chased by some street punks. You get a choice whether to help him or not. Choosing the second option means that you have to keep Mustadio alive to win the battle, while the first doesn't. So choose the first. No matter what you pick, Mustadio joins you afterwards as a Guest.

The two lancers should move on the near side of the wall and jump at the wizards and archers as the are the ones who can attack you from that side of the wall. The monk has to walk all the way down to where the wall is smaller and then use repeating fist or wave fist on the enemies down there. Your knight shoud move to the same spot.

When all the talking is finished, go back into Zaland to pick up supplies and equipment. From now on you wont be using your knight anymore, you will be using Mustadio. Change him into a knight untill he masters the sword skills and then change him back to an engineer. He will then be able to brake the enemies items from very far away. (Deadly)

Your next stop is Bariaus Hill. This is also a very tough battle. Have Ramza head down the left side of the field and take out the summoner. Have the other lancer go down the other saide and take out the other summoner. Your monk and knight should hang in the middle with Agrias. Following the fight, a cut scene will pop up back at Igros Castle with Dycedarg and Gafgarion scheming.

You can now finally get to Lionel Castle (don't worry; there's no fight). You'll chat with Draclau and learn about the Zodiac Stones. Agrias and Ovelia will then leave the party. Then you get to go shopping! There is a lot of really powerful equipment you can get here, so load up on it (you should have a lot of money by now). Also, you may want to send some of your characters out on a proposition if you haven't been doing them -- you can earn a lot of money from some. One way to pass time and complete the propositions is to walk back and forth between Dorter Trade City and Orbonne Monastery; there are no random battles but you increase the days counter quickly.

On to the swamp. This is an easy battle, but make sure you don't stand in the water. You will get poisoned. When you are finished, don't go right to Goug, instead, return to Zaland -- the shop has some new equipment. Then move onto Goug. Upon arriving in the city, there will be a brief scene and then you're back on the map. The store doesn't have much of anything, but be sure to buy Mustadio a Romanda Gun.

Before you try to leave the city make sure to save your game in a different slot! There are tough battles ahead and you don't want to have to start all over again do you? When you try to leave the city, you will get cought in a battle. Rudvich, the leader of the Bart Company, will appear with Mustadio and Besrodio (Mustadio's father) captive. Mustadio reveals the location of the Zodiac Stone. Ramza forks it over and you find out that Draclau was in on the plot. It's fight time. This battle isn't too tough. Have your monk go on the tight side and take care of the archer there. The two lancers should head up the middle and jump at the summoners. Your monk and knight should head to the left side to take care of the thieves.

After the battle, you check on Besrodio. Mustadio reveals that the Zodiac Stone that Rudvich got was really a fake. Mustadio will now join as you a normal party member -- now you can control him! The only downside to this is that he can be permanently killed. Musty's equipment is all gone, so be sure to re-equip. Right now is when you want to change your knight into a samurai. There should be 1 or 2 swords for them now. Buy three of each sword available to them. You have to do this because for the samurai's abilities, you have to use the sword which will brake after about 5 uses.

Take the ship (well, just walk across the ocean) over to Warjilis Trade City. Upon getting off the ship, you'll bump into Delita again. After that scene's ended, you can explore the town. To make some easy money, go to the bar and accept the proposition (to find the Highwind!), then go back to Goug and get the job there as well (there will be a cutscene when you leave Warjilis the first time). Just go back and forth between the two cities until both jobs are complete. If you weren't able to afford everything back in Goug, pick it up now.

Now go up to Bariaus Valley, where you'll find anohter fight. You'll deploy two squads here to save Agrias from the Hokuten. This is a pretty hard fight, but you shouldn't have any trouble. Have your two lancers, and samurai in the first party, and Mustadio and the monk in the second party. The battle if pretty easy if you set up like this. Agrais help a lot too. After the battle, Agrias will rejoin, this time as a normal (non-guest) character.

Your next stop is Golgorand Execution Site. Male sure you're ready; this is a tough battle. The execution turns out to be a trap, and you have to fight Gafgarion. Before you fight, make sure Mustadio is equiped with the concentrate ability that an archer has. This makes him have 100% accuracy no matter what. In the first party you will want to send ramza, your other lancer, and Mustadio. The next party should have Agrias and Your samurai. (Here is where you choose between the monk and samurai. Your samurai will probably be more help to you in later parts of the game, but if you got to attached to your monk, you can use him also. Keep in mind i will be refering to this character as a samurai throughout this walkthrough.) On the first turn, use mustadio to brake Gafgarion's weapon. This stops him from using knight sword and now he can only attack for like 20 damage. Don't worry about Gafgarion for the rest of the battle then. Every turn, have mustadio brake another of the knights weapons. When he is finished with them, brake the time mages magic or the archers bows. Ramza and the other lancer should jump at the two knights on their side. Agrias and the samurai should just take care of some of the enemies on their side untill Ramza and the rest of the gang finish of the enemies on their side. Good luck, you'll need it.

Eventually (probably after a couple of tries), you'll win. There will be a long scene back at Lionel Castle in which you find out more about Ovelia's past and Draclau's plans. Then you're back on the map. Return to Warjilis, where you'll find some new armor available. Equip your characters and restock your items.

Before you move on, make sure your samurai has the draw out ability that has healing power, you will need it. When you've done all that, it's time for the final battles of the chapter. Ramza will go to open the gate, but Gafgarion shows up yet again and surrounds the castle. If you thought the Execution Site was bad, here's more fun. Actually, the gate isn't quite as bad if you play your cards right. Ramza should just jump at Gafgarion the whole time untill he dies. On the other side, however, Your character will want to form a + shape with the samurai in the middle. Don't move the whole time just let the other enemies come to you. The only character sho will be moving is your lancer who will jump at the summoner, but that is the only time. Every turn your samurai will want to use the draw out abiltiy that heals your party members. After the battle is over, the save game screen will pop up at the conclusion of the battle There is another battle right after this one. Your formation screen then shows up, allowing you to learn new abilities or do anything you need to. When you leave the formation screen, you'll go to the next battle and start deploying your characters. This time you're up against Draclau, who uses his Zodiac Stone to turn (with some incredible special effects) into Queklain. This battle is an all out melee to see who can destroy the other first. Use each characters best attacks and he should die in 2 or 3 turns. Beat him and he'll blow up (more nifty effects) and drop another Zodiac Stone. You'll see a scene with Delita and Prince Goltana in which the Lion War begins, then Chapter 2 ends.

Chapter 3: The valiant

Chapter III begins with more of Goltana's plotting. You'll then cut to Ramza in Dorter. The shops have a lot of new stuff, but make sure you don't equip anyone with the bags that are now available.

For additional shopping opportunities, visit one of the castles (Lionel or Igros). All this stuff is expensive, so luckily there's a whole slew of new propositions -- at least one in every town. I recommend spending a while completing them, buying stuff, and building up your characters. If you're offered any "contest" Job, take it right away, because you won't have the chance for very long.

When you're ready to get on with the game, go to Goland Coal City. There's a sceen where some thieves are chasing a man on the top of a building. This is an easy fight, just make sure that the thievs don't brake too many of your items as they are expensive to replace. After you "save" Olan, you'll chat briefly, and then Olan will head off to the south. There's no new equipment in the Goland shops, so you can probably just head straight on to Lesalia. There's no fight when you first get here, just a short chat with Zalbag. However, as soon as you leave, you'll have to fight Zalmo. It's a pretty easy battle. Just kill every enemy to gain experience as this is a very easy battle. Alma then joins up as a Guest.

If you want to complete some propositions, just go back and forth between Goland and Lesalia until they're done. Then go down to Dorter. Purchase some new equipment (if you want to make another stop, Igros and Goug have new stuff as well), then save your game in a different slot before you go to Orbonne Monastery. Go to the Underground Book Storage (it's the only option available), where you'll find Simon wounded. He tells you about Funeral's plot, and Ramza chases after the troops looking for the Virgo Stone. You'll have a chance to save your game; don't do it (to avoid being stuck in the monastery); all you'd have to repeat if you died is that short scene with Simon. The Formation screen will come up, then you will go down to the second floor and have a fight. This fight is medium difficulty, but you will be fine. Have your lancers duke it out with the enemy lancers while the rest of the gang, (Agrias, Mustadio, and your lancer) take out the chemists and time mages.

You now have another battle on the second floor. You want to send every party member to attack the enemy leader. He is the only character you have to kill. After he is dead, you have yet another battle, this time with Wiegraf. This is an easy battle as every character should attack Wiegraf the first turn. He will run away like a little baby while meanwhile, Izlude escapes with Alma captive (and the Zodiac Stones). Outside, the Aries Stone will take over Wiegraf and turn him into Velius. Simon will then show up, give you the Germonik Scriptures, and die.

Back on the map, go to the Brave Story option and check out your Treasures. Examine the Germonik Scriptures and press Triangle to read it. After you read it (takes a while), go to Dorter. A wizard will demand the Germonik Scriptures and ask if you've read them. It doesn't matter what you say but say yes to get him annoyed. The route to Riovanes Castle will now be open. Go anywhere (it doesn't matter). You will cut to a scene with Delita and Ovelia.

After the scene concludes, go into Dorter and check out the shops, which once again has some new equipment. Upgrade your stuff, as usual. Go up to Lesalia, where there is more new stuff (bows, daggers, and swords). Then continue to Grog Hill where you have to fight some Nanten runaways. Smash through here and you'll meet up with Olan again.

Your next stop is Yardow Fort City. Here you'll meet Malak (the guy you met in Dorter) and Rafa. You have to save Rafa (Malak is on the other side) from the Riovanes guys. Have your lancers stay behind the walls and jump at the ninja's. Make sure your characters don't get close to the ninja's as they cann attack you twice in one turn. Once the ninja's are dead, focus your attacks on the summoners. Then Malak will teleport away when you defeat him and you and Rafa will hide... but not for long. Malak, in the form of a frog, will deliver an ultimatum, then disappear.

Before you leave Yardow, stop at the shop and pick up some Golden Hairpins, which raise both your HP and MP a lot, and get Rafa a better weapon. Fight through Yugou Woods and its undead inhabitants, but don't go to Riovanes Castle just yet. It contains some very powerful bosses, so you've got to boost your characters up (I recommend you fight at the Zeklaus Desert). Change your samurai into a ninja untill you have enough JP to get the two swords ability. Once you have that, change them back into a samurai and now they will have twice the attack power. Finally, go back to Lesalia and outfit your characters with the best equipment you can get, and buy lots (30+) of Potions.

When you think you're ready, save your game, then pay a visit to Riovanes Castle. You'll see a scene with Barinten, then have a chance to save -- save in a separate slot from your main game. You then go to the first of a series of battles. Put Ramza, Agrias, and Mustadio in the main group, and the other lancer and samurai in the other group. Take out malak and the knights first then climb the wall and attack the archers. After you defeat everyone outside the gate, a wounded Knight will crawl out. You'll then get a chance to save your game. DO NOT SAVE IN YOUR MAIN SLOT or you will regret it (as you may have to start again from scratch). SAVE IN A DIFFERENT SLOT.

Now, make sure you're prepared. You're about face a Zodiac-charged Wiegraf, and he is rather powerful. However, if you know what you're doing, he isn't that hard to beat. Drop all your Potions and Hi-Potions, so that you will only use X-Potions when you Auto-Potion. If you want to be specific, here is I what I had (Ripley and Sanders are just generic characters)

Ramza (Lancer): Guts/Auto-Potion/Gained JP up/Move + 2
Ripley (Samurai): Basic Skill/Auto-Potion/Attack UP/Move + 2
Sanders (Lancer): Basic Skill/Auto-Potion/Attack Up/Move + 2
Agrias (Holy Knight): Battle Skill/Auto-Potion/Attack Up/Move+2
Mustadio (Engineer): Battle Skill/Auto-Potion/Concentrate/Move + 2

The first battle here is just Ramza against Wiegraf. Jump at wiegraf twice and he shoul be dead. The next battle is the hard part. You have to fight a stoned Wiegraf with three demons at his side. The easiest way to do this battle is have your two lancers jump at Velius while your samurai, and Agrias have a melee with the demons. Have Mustadio use Seal Evil on the demons also. When you defeat Velius, you'll go to the next battle, on the roof. Be sure to save the game because you don't want to fight that battle again. You have to fight against Marquis Elmdor and two assassins while protecting Rafa, who has incredibly bad AI. All you have to do is take out one of the enemies, but are you lucky enough to get a chance to attack? If Rafa survives the first turn, Just have your two lancers jump at the same assasin and they will die, causing the rest of the gang to retreat.

Rafa will use the Zodiac Stone to revive Malak, then they will join you and you get your Zodiac Stones back, along with the Aries and Pisces stones. Don't worry; it's all downhill (mostly) from here.

Chapter 4: Somebody to Love

Chapter 4 begins in Zeltennia Castle in a scene with Orlandu and Olan. Then you're back on the world map (haven't seen that for a while, huh?)

Ramza has a new appearance, as well as a new ability (Scream), so be sure to learn it. You'll note that Squire does not appear as a Mastered job -- that's because Ramza is missing the Ultima spell, which you'll have a chance to get later on.

While you're still at Riovanes, you can do a bit of equipment upgrading. Go up to the pass near Lesalia. This is a routine battle against some Nanten Knights. Whip through here and continue on to Bervenia Free City. In Bervenia, you'll encounter and fight Izlude's sister Meliadoul, accompanied by some ninjas. Meliadoul will teleport away when you defeat her. This is a pretty east fight but dont get any of your character's near Meliaduol as she will quickly brake their armor. Just jump at her with your lancers.

Bervenia's shops don't have anything new, so move on to the Finath River. This is an easy fight so just breeze right through it. After beating that, you can finally get to Zeltennia Castle. Ramza will go to the church, where he'll meet Delita again. Delita explains more of the church's plan. Zalmo then shows up, and it's fight time (did you really think you could go somewhere without one?). With Delita's help, it's pathetically easy (I told you the game was going to get easier, didn't I?). After the battle, you'll meet with Balmafula, then Delita will leave.

Strangely, the shops still don't have anything new. Restock your items (you'll need lots of X-Potions), then go to the Bed Desert, south of Bervenia. Here you'll encounter another Shrine Knight, Balk, in a tough battle. Have your lancers jump at him right away while the other take care of the archers and knights. This is one the last difficult encounters of the game, as pretty soon you... well, you'll see.

After beating Balk, go to the Bethla Garrison. You'll have a choice as to whether to go to the south or north wall. Each is a different battle. I find that the south wall is easier. In the south gate, have your two lancers jump at the archers on the outside walls while the others take care of the knights in the middle. It is helpful to have Mustadio brake all the knights weapons before engaging them in close combat. Whichever way you go, you'll end up at the floodgate. Save your game in a different slot, then continue. You have a really cool battle in which you have to open the dam and flood the garrison. The switches are on top of the wall under the knights that dont move. make sure you don't kill them while they are on the switches becuase then you will have to wait untill they *Decay* before you can open the switch. They will run away when they are in critical condition. After blowing up the dam, you, Olan, and Balmafula will rescue Orlandu. ORLANDU THEN JOINS YOU! YAHOO!! If you just heard a giant sucking sound, it was all the challenge going down to Mexico (er, unless you live in Mexico, then it all went to Zimbabwe). Orlandu is ridiculously powerful, and once you have him, nobody in the game has a chance against you. He has all of Agrias's, Gafgarion's, and Meliadoul's sword techniques, plus a full set of Crystal equipment and the Excalibur. He can also use every type of sword (katana, knight sword, etc.) To put it simply, he is hell on wheels.

Delita then offs Prince Goltana and frames Cid (Orlandu). A cutscene pops up instructing you to go to Limberry and rescue Alma. A handy new path opens up between Bethla and Zirekile Falls.

Go back up to Bervenia, because -- get this -- the stores actually have new equipment! It's only a bit of armor, but, hey, at least it's something! In addition, Zeltennia has even more new equipment, and it's a lot of good stuff! Will the wonders never cease? Be sure to stop in for an upgrade.

At your next stop, Zarghidas Trade City, you'll run into a familiar face... it's Aeris from FF7! Buy a flower from her, then head into town (yup, there's no fight). There's a couple of propositions and yet more new equipment, which leads me to wonder why the first chunk of the chapter was completely dry. Square's equipment designer must have called in sick that day or something. Before you leave, fight a few random battles to get enough money for Ramza, your samurai, and the other lancer to all have Magic Gauntlets. This may take a while but it is worth it.

Pop on down to Germinas Peak, where you'll have a run-in with some bandits. With Orlandu in your party, this battle is a breeze. After the battle (before you continue on), you may want to get into a random battle at Germinas Peak with the Move-Find Item ability equipped (make sure the character that has it has a low Brave). Save first, though. Move to the very top of the peak and you should find the Vanish Mantle, a mantle that makes you invisible... you might get a Potion instead, though, if you do, reset.

After Germinas Peak, you'll go to Poeskas Lake. This is another undead scenario, but it's really easy. You then see a scene with Dycedarg, after which you can go to Limberry Castle.

The first battle at Limberry Castle is the gate (isn't it always?). This is really easy so you don't need me to help you through it. You'll then see a scene with Elmdor (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Sephiroth). Before you continue, save in a separate slot. Then you need to make a few prepartions. Turn Ramza into a Squire (yes, a squire)

Unfortunately, Elmodr won't go down without a difficult fight. Celia and Lede have 100% working death spells, and you only have a 10% chance of hitting Elmdor (he has Blade Grasp). Oh yeah, and Elmdor has a never-failing teleport (Teleport 2). It just ain't fair. Just have your lancers jump at elmdor and have mustadio brake is armor to decrease his HP. Agrias should use lightning stab on Elmdor unitl he is dead.

After defeating Elmdor in the throne room, you'll go down the basement for yet another battle against him, this time with him transformed into a Zodiac monster (don't you love the transformation effects?). Meliadoul will help you out here. Thankfully, he isn't all that hard. Just use the same strategy that you used for Queklain. After you defeat him, you'll get the Sagittarius Zodiac Stone, and Meliadoul joins you.

Limberry Castle is now a normal town, so you can go to the bar and shop (although there's nothing new at the shop -- we're back in the old routine again). When you try to leave, you'll see some long scenes. Now take a look at map. You'll note Igros Castle has turned red. Hike all the way back there (I wish there was an airship in this game).

At Igros, Ramza will open the gate, and then you'll line up for a fight (yay, no gate battle). Deploy the normal troops. You'll have an easy battle against Dycedarg to save Zalbag. When he is killed, Dycedarg will turn into Adramelk and zap Zalbag. You then fight a continuation of the first battle against Adramelk. When killed, he will yield the Capricorn Zodiac Stone.

Now that you've defeated Adramelk, you can undertake a long subquest to get Cloud from FF7 in your party (and three other characters in the process). I highly recomend doing this because you get a great character who will help you a lot. His name is Beowulf and the walkthrough will be including him throughout the rest of the game.

After you have Beowulf, Take the time to master his Temple Knight abilities. This doesn;t take long because all his abilities take less than 600 JP. At Murond, you'll be treated to a series of battles, beginning outside the church (not that hard), and progressing inside, where you'll face off against Vormav, Rofel, and Kletian. Vormav will teleport away after you beat on them for a while. If any of your equipment got broken in the last battle, you'll need to replace it -- strip the gear from somebody you're not going to be using.

You'll then go to the chapel, where you'll fight a possessed Zalbag, an Ultima Demon, and two Archaic Demons. This is a fairly difficult battle. Just use your samurai as a decoy to the demons and whenever their HP gets low, use the draw out ability that heals. Everyone else should just pound away on Zalbag. After you defeat Zalbag, you will meet up with a dying Funeral. Funeral tells you that Vormav is going to Orbonne Monastery, then dies.

Back on the map, a handy route between Murond and Goug Machine City has opened up. If you're going to do anything now, do it. Once you go to Orbonne Monastery, you're locked into the game's final series of battles. Also, if you're interested, the Deep Dungeon is now accessible.

Before you go to Orbonne, make sure you're ready. Your characters should be at least level 50. Earning JP doesn't matter now. Actually, the last sequence of battles isn't all that difficult, just long.

The first battle at Orbonne is against some generic enemies an easy battle. Use beowulf to confuse the enemies to make the battle a lot easier. Save your game in a separate slot as always, You'll now face a string of four battles against Zodiac Braves. First up is Rofel. This is another easy battle. After you defeat him, he'll suck you through a portal to Murond Death City (apparently of no relation to Murond Holy Place).

Your next opponent is Kletian. He is discustingly easy. To hits and he is dead. After that, you'll face Balk (brought back to life by the Zodiac Stones). This is a very hard battle. Wait in the corner untill the dragon things com near you, and then confuse them with Beowulf and let them kill of Balk. That is the only way to get through that alive. After that, you'll head to the Graveyard of Airships, which is really just a single airship, and a rather odd location for a final battle. Vormav will use the Leo Stone to transform him into a giant lion, Hashmalum. Defeat him and you'll get the Ragnorak sword. St. Ajora will then appear.

You now have one last chance to save your game. Do so, and also equip the Ragnarok sword. Another Alma will somehow appear (I have no clue why). Ajora summons four Ultima Demons in response, then transforms into Altima (isn't that a kind of car?) Alma will join you as a guest for the final battle, against the Generic Angel Boss (TM). After pounding on Altima for a while, Altima will (of course) reveal his/her/its (?) true form, a skeletony-type of angel. Thankfully, the Ultima Demons disappear for this phase of the battle.

Use the same strategy that you have for the other Zodiac charged freaks to kill this one. When you defeat Altima's second form, it will blow up (nice special effects). This Game Is Complete! YAHOO! Now there are just some cut sceens to a sad ending. OK time to start over and beat it again. Maybe there is something different about the game when you play it for a second time...............(hint, hint)