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FF8 Twist Webring

Do you want to join the FF8 Twist Webring? Well, there are a few steps you must take. First, go to and fill out the form. Then, pick (that means save) one of the logos that you see below to be displayed on your page. Make sure you upload it to your site when you insert the HTML. Then, copy the HTML fragment at the bottom of this page.








Here is the HTML fragment for the FF8 Twist Webring:


<p align=center>
<a href=";home"><img src=" PUT LOGO NAME HERE" border="0" alt="FF8 Twist Webring"></a><br>
<font size="2" face="Verdana,Arial">
<a href=";id=YOUR_SITE_ID;prev">prev</a>-
<a href=";id=YOUR_SITE_ID;next">next</a>-
<a href=";id=YOUR_SITE_ID;next5">next 5</a>-
<a href=";list">list</a></font></p>

<CENTER><P><FONT SIZE=-1>Want to join the ring? Click the logo!</FONT></P></CENTER>


Copy and paste this into the HTML on your page. Be sure to replace YOUR_SITE_ID with the site ID that will be emailed to you when you are accepted into the ring. Also, pick the logo you would like to use and replace PUT LOGO NAME HERE with its name (eg: ringlogo1.jpg).