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Cloud300's Web Page


2/26/00: Just Started my page! (duh) expext some major improvments and changes within the next few weeks.
5/29/01: Weekly news my ass! Anyways i'm back and workin again hopefully I'll acomplish somthing this time!

5/31/01: Changed it ta news cuz i'm sayin stuff pretty often. Also i dont think i'll be puttin much here for a while cuz i know noone comes here.

9/17/01: Funny how i feel the need to work on my webpage every now and then. Anyways now insted of just some random mtg page it will be home to the webpage of my team "Team Crazy Hats" we all were our individual hats to tourneys, you can read more once i update that page. I'm getting rid of my dII page cuz i've realized that clans on DII are stupid. Also i'm changing the runescape clan to the Mining Smiteing Guild. Being a purely purely mining/smithing clan got boring so nows we is gonna beat up ppls too. Phew big update. Anyways check back, if your even here for more updates.

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