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                             Zach's Page!



My name is Zach, and this is my page about one of my favorite things; GROWLERS!!

I am learning how to play table-top wargames like Vor, but with my dad teaching me it is taking awhile (he cheats!).

Anyway sit back, relax and enjoy my web-page.

I have worked up a painting scheme for my Growler pack.

As soon as my Dad finishes painting all of my Growlers I will try to post them for you. He didn't quite follow my instructions though, he claims he was out of yellow paint. Parents! What's a kid supposed to do?!

Info on Growlers

Growlers originated from the planet Primordia, a fierce and brutal world where even the mighty growlers aren't safe from the native lifeforms present there. Although there are an untold number of different types of growlers within the Maelstrom there are only 4 'main' Growler breeds; Razorbacks, Bluefangs, Whitetusks, and Fireguts. Razorbacks are the most aggressive and hostile and it is from these that it is believed all the other breeds derived from. The Razorbacks are named after their steel like bone structure, which gives them a disturbing amount of fortitude and resilance. The Bluefangs are the strongest of the main Growler breeds and they enjoy eating and sleeping more than anything else. Bluefangs are very tropical in color and they all sport immense bellies from their gluttonous eating habits. These Growlers have developed a number of combat tactics that involve using their overgrown guts to smash foes in close combat. The Whitetusks are the most noble, of the Growlers and also the most deadly in Close Combat. Whitetusk spend the majority of their time defending growler territories and they loath seeing growler blood spilt for any reason making them the least likely to suffer from animosity when working with other breeds. They are named after their white/gray fur and the 2 large tusks that grow from the outsides of their mouth. The Fireguts are the loners and they are named after their unique trait, of having a combustion based instead of a chemical based digestive system, making their stomachs into furnaces. Fireguts also have a series of steam emitting plumes that run down their spine and they are notorious for blasting globs of molten lava like goo across the battlefield to attack enemies.

Zach's Links

BrikWars : Cool site with rules for using Legos for Wargames!

Covert Operatives : Cool stop-motion film using old G.I. Joes!

Megafauna : A really cool site about prehistoric mammals

Wargods Awesome miniatures wargame using Egyptian Mythology.  

My dad said I had to include legal stuff so here it is:

VOR: The Maelstrom, the VOR logo & all other VOR names, etc. Are Trademarks of FASA Corporation. Used without permission. Any use of this name or any other Trademark or Copyright of any other company should not be construed as a challenge in any way to said Trademark or Copyright.