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What's New in the Ruins

6/16/03 Apocalyptic Greetings! Wow, it's been forever since I updated this site. I've been quite busy with real life and such. Gaming had to be put on the backburner for awhile. I'm working on a few projects, have a really cool Playtest gig coming up (can't talk about it, NDA's dontcha know), plus some other opportunities. I'm really getting back into PA mode. There are so many cool PA RPG's coming out it's unreal! Darwin's World 2, Redline, Gamma World d20 Modern, Macho Women with Guns d20 Modern, Combine all of these together and you've got one helluva Potpourri of Radioactive Goodness! So till next time, keep the Faith!

1/26/03 Cleaned up the Dragonstar links on the Dragonstar page, + added a few new ones. Enjoy!

12/26/02 E-Gads you mean Brutorz Bill is still alive, well other than spending Christmas being known as Bronchitis Bill I am indeed still alive. For those of you who haven't seen The Two Towers yet, STOP reading this mess and GO OUT AND WATCH IT NOW! IT ROCKS! In other news I have been playing a bit of d20 Modern, it's pretty cool. With the holidays we haven't had much time for gaming. Hopefully things will ease up and we can get the dice rolling again soon. : )

11/15/02 Super Gamma Good News! Gamma World will be released as a full blown setting for d20 Modern! YAY!! This totally rocks. I just picked up d20 Modern and have been very impressed with what I have read so far. I am really looking forward to a d20 Modern version of Gamma World. I also picked up a copy of Arsenal by Perpetrated Press, this is a really cool book, all kinds of Technomagic weapons and gear; Psionic SMG's, Tentacle Grenades, Negative Energy Guns! Awesome. Reminds me alot of the Rifts Techno-Wizard stuff, but balanced much better.

07/21/02 Added some more of Neo's cool ship stuff to the Dragonstar Section, check it out! Also we have been playing Hell on Earth d20 lately, and I must say it has been alot of fun.

07/13/02 I saw Reign of Fire, it was ok, but didn't live up to it's potential. In other news, Angelfire decided to take away over half of my web space without even telling me, seems now that I'm getting alot of traffic with my Dragonstar section they want some money out of me. Well it's not gonna happen so I deleted my Palladium Section, to free up some space and cause Palladium is getting kinda Nazi on their web policies, So bye bye Palladium.

06/14/02 Greetings, not much of an update just a friendly little "Hello, I'm still around sorta thing". I am looking forward to the d20 Hell on Earth rules which are supposed to be out "soon". Look for site updates in the Dragonstar section very soon, Neo and myself have been busy with other projects, but we both hope to get back on the DS bandwagon asap. Till then.. Keep the Faith...-B.B.

05/20/02 Well everyone else is giving their view of Star Wars so I guess I'll throw my .02 cents in. I very much enjoyed the movie, the second half blew me away.. and man YODA,YODA,YODA!! On the Dragonstar front I've heard from Erik over at Perpetrated Press, the Technomagic : Arsenal is nearing completion! (Yaay!), but may slip into a July release, instead of June, due to some art delays. I should have some more of Neo's stuff soon, he's been spending his time playing D&D! Can you imagine?! *grin* Ta Ta for now.

05/15/02 Added another David Taub creation to my Dragonstar section: Anti-Gravity Skates, check 'em out. Well got my tickets for Star Wars Ep. II for tomorrow! I hope it Rocks!

05/10/02 Added some new items to the DS page, the EMP Burst Spell, and the EMP Blaster both by my new friend David Taub + a really nice Stellar Cartography Program by Neo , also I forgot to mention that I added a Factions section the other day. My good buddy Neo has been working up some additional info on various races for DS, so far I've posted the Illithid, the Neogi and the Doppleganger, I'm sure more will follow soon, since he's such a madman! LOL

05/05/02 We played Dragonstar last night, nothing cooler than going up against Bugbear Gangsters, complete with Mobster Lingo! Updated the Dragonstar site today with three new Prestige Classes; The Crime Boss, Imperial Shock Trooper and The Imperial Shadow Telepath + added an old Spelljammer favorite the Ruthless Neogi. Kudos to Neo for coming up with all this cool stuff.

05/03/02 Just saw Spider-Man! A good movie.. not like some of the previous Comic Book movies. Another Dragonstar Site Update; It's Prestige Class Mania! Courtesy of Neo. Just added the Bounty Hunter, Interceptor Ace, Naval Officer, Military Officer, and The Sniper!

05/01/02 Added three new items to the Dragonstar section : The Arm of Talos, a Machine Troll and the Mollock a fierce race of Outsider Warriors.

04/13/02 Well I am slowly in the process of revamping my site. So pardon any dead links etc. that you may encounter. What's coming you ask? Well for you P.A. fans don't worry I will continue to maintain the P.A. Theme of my page.

03/11/02 Well it's been six months since the tragedy of 9/11. It feels like such a long time ago, so much has changed...We should all be thankful for what we have and live for today, because who knows what tomorrow may bring...Peace be with you and your loved ones...

03/10/02 I have deleted some dead links and added a few new ones under the P.A. Links Section. I have heard the Gamma World d20 rules will be in the September issue of Dungeon Magazine, we'll see how they do. In other news I am selling off alot of my old gaming stuff so if there is something you wanna $$ lemme know. : )

In other news.. I picked up the After the Bomb RPG, it is really cool! My only complaint is that it is in the old worn out Palladium System. We started playing Dragonstar last nite, it Rocked! I love the system and the setting! More info to come....

10/19/01 Cleaned up the Links section a bit, looks like a new Post-Apocalyptic D20 game is coming out "Darwin's World" don't know much about it yet.

09/11/01 What a horrific day when the above image so closely resembles Lower Manhatten. My prayers go out to all the victims of today's ungodly tragedy....