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" Most men believe that when the Last Judgment comes, all things in the visible world will be destroyed, that the earth will be consumed by fire, the sun and the moon dissipated, that the stars will vanish away, and that a new heaven and a new earth will afterwards arise. They have conceived this opinion from the prophetic revelations in which such things are mentioned. But that the case is very different may be seen from what has been shown above concerning the Last Judgment "
Emanuel Swedenborg
Heavenly Secrets

Gamma World Resources
Omega World Goodies Some additional rules for Omega World.
Gamma World d20 : A Conversion by Sammy Grimes.
Campaign Ideas :Ideas/Resources for Gamma Campaigns.

Gammaternity -The below items are specifically for the Alternity version of Gamma World.

Critters & Beasties for Gamma World
Brutorz Bill's Bestiary : My Personal Creations/Conversions.
Derek's Denizens: Derek Holland's Awesome Creations/Conversions.
Ecological Data : missing Ecodata from GW5. (by Derek Holland)
Rules Expansions & Addendums
Mutant Plants : Neil Spicer's Mutant Plant rules for GW5, if only WOTC had bothered to do this..*sigh*..
New Flaws : New Flaws for Gamma World 5E.
Expanded Mutant Insect Rules: Derek's Mutant Insect Expansion.
Shapers : The Shaper Cryptic Alliance.

New Weapons & Equipment
Bots : Various Robots for your gaming pleasure.
Weapons & Equipment : Misc. Equipment & Stuff.
Shaper Armor & Weapons : Armor & Weapons of the Shaper Cryptic Alliance.