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Cherokee Images

Cherokee Syll Seal Sequoya Cherokee Blessing
Chero-Alphabet Seal Sequoya Blessing
Elder Crying Chief Trail Of Tears Trail Of Tears Map
Cherokee Elder Sad Chief Trail Of Tears Trail Map
Wolf Clan Cherokee Clans Cheesequire Cherokee Elder Trail Of Tears
Wolf Clan Cherokee Clans Cherokee Elder Trail Of Tears

Nation Flag War Chief Major Ridge Ross
Cherokee Flag War Chief Ridge Ross
Swatie Most Wanted Proud To Be Cherokee Eagle Dancer
Swatie Most Wanted Proud Eagle Dancer
Cherokee Indian Reservation Cherokee Indians Sequoya
Cherokee Reservation Cherokee Indians Sequoya

Many proposals have been made to us

to adopt your laws, your religion, your manners

and your customs.We would be better pleased with beholding

the good effects of these doctrines in your

practices, than hearing you talk of them.

Old Tassel

Chief of Tsalagi (Cherokee)