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POS Friends

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Mom of Kenneth

Sheila Rivers,
Kevin's Mom

Brenda Flowers,
Mom of Kimberly
with husband Ed

Diane Yates
Mom of Bill Proctor
with husband Ray

Donna Carter
Mom to Joshua

Nancy Miller
Mom of Matt
With Larry

Karen Kimball
Mom of Ben

Carol Riggs
Mom of Buffy
With her mother
and Andrew & Ingrid

Dan Huntington
Dad of Teresa
on the Memorial Bench
placed in her name.

Chris Liccione
Mum of Janis
with Kaelen Son of Janis

Bob & Lynda
Dad & Mum
of Darren

Patti Brown
with Dennis

Michael & Kathleen Ramberg
Loving Parents of
Jay Joseph Rainey

Marcy & Chris on
thier wedding day,
July 9, 1999

Jackie Williams
Loving Mother
of Joey

Maggi sending up a balloon!

Vicki Waddington, Wanda Brooks
and April O'Brien
in Denver at April's restaurant

Maggie & Joe

Shirley H and Tricia K

Bonnie Larocque
with husband, Mike

Rona Raphael of Scotland
Mum of Nicola

Mare on a Mare