Chicks Pep

Chick's Pep also known as Pepsi is a nine-year-old Quarter Horse mare. She came to live with me in August of 2000. It took me a little while to get used to a 15.2 hand horse after riding a 13.2 hand horse for about five years. She was also a little more high strung than my 20 year old pony, her being only eight when I bought her. I began to barrel race off of her immediately. She was a previous qualifier for state competition three years in a row and a former state champion in pole bending. I couldn't wait to get started. I decided to take lessons from a local barrel racer to help me get more "with" Pepsi. The lessons proved to be successful improving my time from a 19 to a 15.9. Pepsi was a great horse, besides spurts of laziness or ill manners. In March of 2001, I noticed Pepsi gaining milk. I called her former owner to be told she had been vet checked and it was only hormones. I had her vet checked anyway, because the milk was not going away. Pepsi was pregnant. I had never even seen a pregnant mare before and we had always fattened our horses up for winter. Pepsi foaled a gorgeous paint colt two weeks later. I realized that what I thought was moodiness or meanness was a poor pregnant mare with back pain that just wanted to stand and rest. Thankfully, mare and foal were healthy and nothing went wrong. For months, I was only able to ride Pepsi at home and then I finally got where I could run barrels again, but it wasn't so easy. I was making ridiculous mistakes and all it was, was disappointment. Pepsi on the other hand just beared with me while I tried to get back to where I was five months ago. We went back to slow work and before long I was back. We are now back in full competition with a little bonus standing in our pasture. I think Pepsi should be Horse of the Month because not once did she cause me problems when I was out there barrel racing on her and she was very much pregnant. She has always put up with my silly mistakes while I am trying to learn how to be the best barrel racer I can be.

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