The daily grooming of a horse's main, coat , and tail helps maintain his health and also improves his apperance. The coat of a horse should be brushed throughly. The mane and tail should be combed until all the hairs are untangled or you can run your fingers through them. Cleaning a horse's foot is also part of the daily care that the horse should recieve. You need be careful when cleaning the horses foot particulary around the frog because it is a tender part of the foot and can cause the horse to become lame or have soreness. When picking the horses foot you need to go downwards never go upwards or you can hurt your horse in this matter. A hoof pick should be used on the feet to get all the dirt, stones, and other objects from the foot that would cause lameness or soreness. Horses that are kept in a stable should be groomed daily. For the best apperance of a horse long, sweeping brush strokes in the direction of the hair gives the best look leaving your horses skin shiny and has a healthy glow. The brushing of the horse will remove unwanted dirt and dandruff.

The most important places to brush is where the saddle and girth are, and the regions behind the heels and in the hock depressions. This needs a special brushing because dirt, hay, grass, or anything can be under the saddle or other places and can rub sores on your horse possibily causing him to be lame.

Hoof Pick- used to pick out the feet of a horse to get dirt, pebbles, or stones out so he/she will not become lame.
Hoof Brush- a brush used to wipe unnecessary dirt from the inside of the hoof
Body Brush- a brush used to brush dirt, grass, etc. off from the horse before you ride and after you get off so he will not get any sores or blisters.
Sweat Scraper- a tool used to scrape sweat or water off from your horse after he/she has been washed or ridden
Mane and Tail Comb- a comb that is used to get tangles out of a horse's mane or tail.
Shedding Blade- a tool used to scrape winter hair, eggs from flies, and helps get tangles out of there coat.
Wash and Shampoo Mitt- a mitt to put on the hand to scrub the horses body, legs, etc. Some come with the option to attach them to a hose.
Hoof Dressing Brush- a brush that is dipped in a type of conditioner and put on the horses hoof to keep it from cracking and to keep it moist
Finishing Brush- A soft brush to add a finishing touch after you use a curry comb or body brush. Also good to use on the face.
Curry Comb- Can be rubber or metal. Helps to bring up excess dirt and hair. Should be followed with a body brush or finishing brush.