PROBLEM: My Horse will not let me catch him when he is in the field. It takes me an hour or so to be able to ride. How can I fix this problem?

SOLUTION: The first step would be to carry your halter with you at all times. When you feed, carry your halter with you. Get your horse out sometimes just to eat grass or to be groomed. When trying to catch your horse do not hide the halter. Hold your arm in front of you,, carrying the halter in the crook of your arm. Do not look your horse right in the eye and approach them at the shoulder. Do not outstrech your arm because it gives them the feeling of being threatened. If your horse begins to walk away just stop and get behind it. When it turns you go the same direction. If it turns the other way then turn with it. This gives the horse the feeling that you are all around it. Whatever you do, do not chase after it. Never get over a walk. If your horse is the type that runs from you, you much approach it differently. Again, don't look your horse in the eye. When it begins to run away, calmly begin to walk in the same direction. Never look at your horse, look at the ground. You can even walk a different direction or act like you are picking flowers. Your horse will begin to wonder why you are actually there. Soon your horse will get tired of running and will stop, again, approach at the shoulder. This may take a long time but if you are consistent and never give up it will only take a few sessions untill your horse is easier to catch. Never punish your horse in any way after you catch it. You can carry a treat to give it when you catch it but do not use treats as a bribe to come to you. The main thing to remember is to never give up and leave or your horse has gotten what it has wanted.