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The World Wide Earthquake Locator

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“The Effects of Our Toxic Environmental Bio-Terrain on Life”
Ancient Aliens pt2 Alien Tech

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Future by Design

Welcome to Universal Research.
Enter into your Akashic Records here!
We are concened with THE MYSTERY MAN OF....AND THE SACRED SCIENCE OF THE ANCIENT MASTERS, and winning the game of life. Listen to Living From The Heart by clicking the play button. We will take you to the Outer Limits, where you can find your way home. You will not be lost. You may even find yourself! The year 1977 saw the release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, directed and produced by Steven Spielberg who later screened the film for President Reagan. The hot rumor associated with this event is that Reagan took Spielberg aside after seeing the film and whispered something like "People don't know just how close you came to the truth." (Project Beta): by Greg Bishop)

The History of Earth, Mankind, and our Ancestors from the Stars...

Global Coherence

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"What in the World are They Spraying?" ~ Official Trailer Going beyond the Twlightzone

The pyramind essentially represents enlightenment. It’s an architectural symbol emblematic of ancient man’s symbol emblematic of ancient man’s ability to break free from his earthly plane and ascend upward toward heaven toward the golden sun, and ultimately, toward the supreme source of illumination.The unfinished pyramind on the dollar is to remind that man’s ascent to his full human potential was always a work in progress. Though few realized it, this symbol was the most widely published symbol on earth. This symbol with the shinning capstone which hovered above it was for man to reach for a higher consciousness. It is not our physical bodies that resemble God, it is our minds.This is the great gife, and God is waiting for us to understand it. God is plural because the minds of man are plural. E pluribus unum: out of many, one. -- Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol The symbol is the structure through which man elevated himself into the realm of the Gods.

“The cross was not a Christian symbol until the 4th century. Long before that it was used by the Egyptians to represent the intersection of the two dimensions—the human and the celestial. As above so below. It was a visual representation of the juncture when man and God become one”. Build your temple as written in the Bible. Build a temple with no tools and making no noise. The temple is the human body. Your body is a temple. Corinthians 3:16: “You are the temple of God”. The Gospel of John says the same thing.

The universe is all ready very old, and it took its time becoming into being, even human life. The beginning is the cause in which the effect came about. The law of causality has to take effect. The meaning of life is the human beings evolution with regard to his consciousness. What is God? God is an imaginary figure that has been created by human beings so they would not bear responsibility themselves. They needed to shift it onto a deity. God in and of itself is nothing other than a title for a human being that is very highly evolved. God is not what human beings wrongly assume, but he is the creator of life, the universe and space. God is nothing other than a title via Allah or Shiva. --“Billy” Edward Albert Meir
Micheal Tellinger..Slave Species-Alien Genetics (FORBIDDEN ARCHAEOLOGY series) UFOTV Presents...: The Silent Revolution of Truth HD UFO Film - UFOs The Revolution of Truth

The Presidents UFO Website

Red Ice radio - 26.5.2011 - Gods of Eden, Alien Colonization & Eradication of Humanity

The Grandest Deception

The Anunnaki & The Myth of Nibiru (Remix) An open letter to Z. Sitchin's followers.

Ancient Aliens pt1 Unexplained Structures Sumerian Gods
FAQ about the Universe, Creation, Religion, Evolution, Origin of Man,.......

June 29, 2012 - Field Updates from 12,000-Year-Old Gobekli Tepe.

We talk about civilization as though it is a static state. And there are no civilized people yet. The process is constantly going on. We are not civilized. It is an on going process, and so we never become fully civilized, because we need to know quite a bit in order to behave in the most constructive manner and that goes for intelligence. An electrical engineer, seventy five years ago, an intelligent one couldn’t get a job today. So when you talk about intelligence, what are you talking about? It’s an on going process. That’s why there is NO SUCH THING AS AN INTELLIGENT PERSON. People are well informed of area A and B not informed in area C. When you go on with the word like civilization, it sounds like something was attained. As long as you have war, police, prisons, crime, you’re in the early stages of civilization, what they call civilization. We are a crude form of life right now in the evolutionary stages. Our civilization really is not even civilized yet. After the world joins together, we are through with military systems, prisons, torture, hunger, poverty, and depravation. When that is gone that will be the beginning of a civilized world. We are not there yet. No more opinions. Eventually mall decision-making will be transferred to machines. You go to a butcher shop to weigh an item on a scale. We assign decision making to a scale to make our decision-making. So do airplane pilots rely on instruments to tell them how far they are from the ground? That is a decision made by a machine. A machine is far more accurate. People would ask could machines be smarter than the designer? I know a little guy who designed a machine to pickup a freight train and empty it. Now he can’t do that. Machines are always faster than the designer. You ever see a coke bottle mover on a conveyer? The designer can’t move those bottles. In our society we a re automating more decision making to machines and assigning it to machines. We don’t need people in government. We need people in fields of electronics, production and distribution, weather, so we can just come and find out anything we want to know, without opinions based on a folksy way. -- JacQue Fresco -- Future by Design Barbarism ends with the beginning of world civilization. To be civilized according to Cicero, is to reach that state of personal and collective behavior in which men can live together harmoniously and constructively, united for the betterment of all. By this definition we have never been civilized. We have existed in a state of cultured savagery. -- Hall M. P.,(1944) The Secret Destiny of America Penguin Group (USA) Inc. New York

The great vessels are urging us to build the temples of our minds. The Second Coming is the Second Coming of man—the moment when mankind finally builds the temple of his mind. An actual human brain is built in two parts—out part called the dora matter, and an inner part called the pia matter. These two parts are separated by the arachnoid – a veil of web like tissue. The human brain in advanced states of focus, will physically create a wax like substance from the pineal gland. This brain secretion is unlike anything else in the body. It has an incredible healing effect, and can literally regenerate cells, and may be one of the reasons yogis live so long. The brain’s pineal gland representing the all Seeing Eye of God. Matthew 6:22: “When your eye is single, your body fills with light". The Ajna Charkras, and the dot on the Hindu’s forehead also represent this concept. Within a matter of years, modern man will be forced to accept what is now unthinkable: our minds can generate energy capable of transforming physical matter. Particles react to our thoughts. This means our thoughts have the power to change the world. The symbol is the structure through which man elevated himself into the realm of the Gods. -- Dan Brown -- The Lost Symbol

Dr. Ribs: “The Torah came before the world—-first God created the Torah, and then from it, He created the Universe.”

Understanding the Cycles of the World and Reaching beyond the Mental Age
Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Volume 1 pt.1/17

no end in sight

The President's Book of Secrets HD (1/6)
More Secrets on "Aviation and Flight" at High Tech Pages

Battle Hymn Reveals Sinister Plot
Les McCann & Eddie Harris LIVE at Montreux - "Compared To What" - stereo

The Last Airbender

Pro Flight Simulator Plus Click Here!

Click Here for Alternative Medicine The Use Of Flouridaton For Mass Mind Control

"Control the oil and you can control the entire continents. Control the food and you control the people." -- Henry Kissinger ~ See Notes From the Underground and click on Alternative Medicine.

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency. Their sole object is to gain.” —Napoleon Bonaparte, 1815 Phillips, Dane; Scura, John (2011-07-07). Battle Hymn: Revelations of the Sinister Plan for a New World Order (Kindle Locations 1733-1736). Black Rose Writing. Kindle Edition.

A town called Allopath

Here Enigma and other artist!

Ancient Egyptian electricity?

Coming soon "Get Ready for Return of the Gods"

A New Physics Kept Secret from the World

The Tomb of Osiris.

Great Pyramid Mystery Solved?

Alien Gods Return 2012

Alien Races - Annunaki Hybrid DNA

"And GOD said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness" written in Genesis 1:26.

"Enlil was the god who manipulated humans to do exactly what he wanted.

The god of the Bible and all other manmade religions." (Tellinger, Slave Species of god 461)

2012 and the Return of the Gods

The Stairway To Heaven

The Return Of The Gods
Be Prepared For 2012 - The Anunnaki Taught The Sumerians

The Cosmogony...."it has taken modern astronomy almost two

centuries to find out what the Sumerians knew 6,000 years ago." -- Zecharia Sitchin

Secrets Of The Anunnaki

Ancient Aliens: Alien Contacts (Season 2: Episode 10/10)
Part 1. The Inner Earth Chronicles

Hollow Earth

Ancient Aliens: Chariots, Gods and Beyond pt 6/6

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Hollow Earth

Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - 2012

Message from Hollow Earth

Sharula Dux on Telos & Hollow Earth — Part 1 (of 12)

Hollow Earth Theory 3D HD Version

2012 Secrets Revealed-Chapter 2, Part 1 of 2

Moon Secrets Revealed - John Lear.flv

The Alien Agenda - John Lear

PINE GAP Australia's Area 51

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Resveratol: controlling the aging process

BL width= ACK OUT~The Top 11 Threats to the Power Grid

Why Clean Safe Water Could Soon Be As Valued As Oil


Everything 2012 Pole Shift (Part 1 of 3)

Why is our planet changing? 2/5

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi: The Truth Hurts Lies Kill

- Real Truth Behind the Phony Wars Memorial Day, 2011 Waiting On The World To Change Beyond Treason:

Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines [Full Film]

The Anunnaki descendents are alive today, and are members of secret societies and part of the Establishment. Most of what you were taught in school, and in religion is false and directed by an alien presence on earth who have conspired to dominate through violence and chaos since the beginning of time. They are the Anunnaki. Your Bible is about the Anunnaki and the creation of man; making humankind slaves, and in the end robots. Niccolo Machiavelli's manual on how to control mankind concludes the follow:

1. Initiate conflicts and “issues” that will cause people to fight among themselves rather than against the perpetrator.
2. Remain hidden from view as the true instigator of the conflicts.
3. Lend support to all warring parties.
4. Be viewed as the benevolent source which can solve the conflicts.
Watch for "You Can't Handle the Truth," and "Planet Earth Lockdown" in Notes From The Underground Level II.

POLE SHIFT 2011 CONFIRMED (must watch!) HD

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Listen to "Lost in Space" by the Jazz Masters, click the play button.

The existence of the Bible code is the first scientific evidence we’ve ever had that we are not alone, since no man can see across time. WILL THAT REVELATION END THE MINELESS CYCLE OF VIOLENCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST? It is no accident that some intelligence able to see the future created a code designed to be found at this one moment in history. It had a time lock. It could not be found until the computer was invented. Our science is still primitive. There is a hidden science few know of and in use that is far advance, that the masses do not know exist and working today. The known science is close to four hundred years old. If we exposed the advanced science, it will upset the status Que., and tens of billions and billions of dollars will be lost to the few power brokers that want to keep the masses in the dark. We’ll need to rewrite the physics books, which should have been rewritten fifty years ago. —Michael Drosnin, “The Bible Code II”. The religion of the future, Einstrein had predicted, will be cosmic religion. It will transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology.