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CSA Cemeteries and lists

This candle burns for all those who lost their lives defending our rights and freedoms. May they never be forgotten and always Rest In Peace!

Below is a short list of a few CSA cemeteries in the State of Georgia, also I have added a link to a full list of Public, as well as Private cemeteries in the State.Also, Please visit my Confederate Memorial Wall, If you have an ancestor who served in the CSA, please email me with the information and add them to the Memorial.

Resaca CSA Cemetery This site has current buried lists, as well as pictures of soldiers who died at the battle of Resaca. Also a killed in action list and wounded list. A must visit for The War for Southern Independence Buff!

  • Every state involved in The War for Southern Independence has least one national cemetery. A painstaking tabulation issued in 1908 indicates that, collectively, they hold the bodies of 315,830 Federal soldiers. An earlier tabulation showed that 9,000 Confederate prisoners of war were buried in Northern cemeteries. Most of the graves were marked. Yet "from some unknown cause" a relatively small graveyard near the Alton, Illinois, prison was reported by Lt. Asa B. Isham of the Seventh Michigan Cavalry to hold an astonishing 662 unidentified bodies of men who fought in gray.

  • Covington Confederate Cemetery

    Gordon County CSA Cemetery

    Oakland Cemetery

    Located east of Downtown on Memorial Drive, entrance is on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

    Just north of the Confederate Memorial is a historical marker indicating the site of the house from which Gen. Hood and members of his staff watched the battle unfold.

    Patrick R. Cleburne Memorial Cemetery

    Approximately 1000 Confederate soldiers who died in the Battle of Jonesboro are buried in this cemetery, located at McDonough and Johnson streets in Jonesboro.

    Marietta National Cemetery/Confederate Cemetery

    Washington Ave. and Cole Street
    Marietta, Ga.
    In 1866, in a gesture intended to help heal the country's division Henry Green Cole donated the land for a joint Confederate and Union Cemetery. The soldiers (3,000 unknown) who fell south of Resaca were buried here.


    Andersonville National Cemetery

    1 mile east of Andersonville on GA 49
    Open daily from 9am until 5pm

    Contains graves of over 12,400 Union prisoners in Andersonville including the grave of a soldier from the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry.

    Linwood Cemetery

    Located on Linwood Blvd., just west of 10th Avenue

    Here in the Naval and Army sections lie 125 Confederates, including Major General Paul Jones Semmes who died as the result of wounds received at Gettysburg. A 6.4" rifle gun from the CSS Jackson can be seen in the Naval section of the cemetery; sailors who died in a spectacular engineering accident - the explosion of Chattahoochee's boilers - are buried there.

    Stonewall Cemetery

    On U.S. 41 (Taylor St.)in Griffin
    More than 500 Confederate and one Union soldier are buried on this site.A monument to honor the Confederate dead was erected in 1869, and features an angel on a stone base with the inscribed command "Rest! Soldiers! Rest!". It had been ordered before the war for a family plot, but the Northern blockade delayed delivery. When it arrived the family could no longer afford it. Many were casualties of the battles of Atlanta and Jonesboro and died while patients at the many hospitals located in Griffin. Some of the hospital locations are noted by historic markers.

    Oak Hill Cemetery
    Across the highway from Stonewall Cemetery in Griffin

    John McIntosh Kell (1823-1900) a Confederate naval hero, is buried here. The 95th cadet to graduate from the Naval academy, he spent his life at sea. Kell was the executive officer of the Rebel raider Sumter and served as executive officer of the famed Alabama and the ironclad Richmond. His grave slab has an anchor on it and someone has even laid seven seashells atop it.

    Glenwood Cemetery
    On Lee Street in Thomaston

    54 soldiers are buried in the Confederate portion. Dr. Edward A. Flewellen, a medical director of the Army of Tennessee.

    Confederate Cemetery : Lagrange, Ga.

    Miller Street
    Lagrange, Ga.

    More than 300 soldiers from all Confederate states are buried here. Most were patients in the many Lagrange hospitals.

    Fort Tyler Cemetery

    At the eastern edge of West Point in Troup County lies Fort Tyler Cemetery, where 76 Confederate and Union casualties of the siege, including General Tyler, are buried.

    Forsyth Soldier's Cemetery

    I-75 to Forsyth exit, in the city cemetery at the end of Newton Memorial Dr.
    There are 299 unknown and 1 known Confederate soldier. A nurse, Honora Sweeny, who died while attending the men, is also buried here.

    Rose Hill Cemetery

    1071 Riverside Drive
    Macon, Ga.31201
    912-745-5982 Open daily until sundown
    Self guided tour, maps available in office - Mon.-Fri.: 8am - 4pm Rose Hill remains as one of the oldest surviving public cemetery/parks in the United States and is the burial ground of soldiers of The War for Southern Independence. 600 Confederate and a few Union soldiers are buried here. When the war ended, Mrs Jane Lumsden Hardeman led an effort to gather all the soldiers who had died in the hospitals scattered across the county. Also buried here is Peter J. Bracken, the engineer of the locomotive Texas, who aided in the apprehension of the General. In 1971 a monument engraved with the likeness of the Texas was placed on his grave.

    Memory Hill Cemetery

    This large city cemetery holds 479 War for Southern Independence veterans including Gen. Doles of the Doles-Cook Brigade. The cemetery has a plot containing the remains of 24 unknown Confederate soldiers and 3 Union soldiers buried elsewhere. Also Nathan C. Barnett, who hid the State Seal when Sherman occupied the capitol.

    Magnolia Cemetery,

    702 Third Street
    The fortified east wall is evidence of the troubled times. The patches in the wall where the cannons were once placed are still visible. the sixty acre cemetery has more than 300 Confederate soldiers and 7 generals buried in the Confederate section.

    Myrtle Hill Cemetery

    South Broad Street and Myrtle Street
    Rome, Ga.
    The Confederate Cemetery at Myrtle Street is the final resting place of 363 Confederate and two Union soldiers. The monument to Confederate Soldiers atop the cemetery marks the position of Confederate Fort Stovall.

    Kingston Confederate Cemetery

    Kingston, Ga.
    Bartow County
    A Confederate monument narks the graves of 250 Confederate soldiers and four Union soldiers.

    Confederate Cemetery and Monument

    Exit #333 off I-75, east 1.6 miles on Walnut Ave., north .3 miles on Tibbs Road, east .7 miles on Emery Street ,turn left at the bottom of the hill across from Greenwood Street onto road leading to West Hill Cemetery. The Confederate Cemetery is surrounded by an iron fence.
    Throughout 1862, until the evacuation of hospitals farther south in September 1863, the Confederate casualties of battles in Northwest Georgia were saved or lost in makeshift Dalton hospitals. Here rest 421 Confederate soldiers and four Union soldiers. A monument to the Confederate dead from the battles of Dalton, Rocky Face, Chickamauga, and Resaca was erected in 1892 by the UDC, SCV, and the Civil War Round Table. The CWRT also erected a wall with the names of the soldiers that are presumed buried there. The list was found a few years ago in Texas.

    Cassville Confederate Cemetery

    I-75 at Cassville/white exit
    A marker in this cemetery recounts the burial of about 300 unknown Confederate soldiers who died of disease or wounds in the several Confederate hospitals located in Cassville. Another marker in the cemetery designates the grave of Gen. William Tatum Wofford (1824 - 1884)

    Blackwell Cemetery (Cobb Co.)

    Chattanooga National Cemetery

    Oak Grove Cemetery
    Americus, Georgia, at the end of Church Street near the gatehouse.

    115 guards from Andersonville Prison are buried here. Other southern soldiers buried here were wounded during Jubal Early's famous 1864 raid on Washington, D.C.

    Greenwood Cemetery
    Barnesville, Ga.; west side of Railroad tracks.

    155 Confederate soldiers and 2 Union soldiers are buried here.

    Milner Confederate Cemetery
    On Old Alabama Rd. near the intersection with Liberty Hill Rd., one mile from Milner, Ga.

    Here 108 unknown Confederate soldiers are buried.

    The Rock
    On Ga. 36 between Thomaston and Barnesville: turn south on Rock Road beside the Rock Post Office.

    This is the burial site of 12 unidentified soldiers who died in nearby hospitals.

    Oak Lawn Cemetery
    On Ga. 49

    20 unknown Confederate soldiers are buried here. They died in a train wreck three miles north or in the local military hospitals : Buckern, Gamble and several temporary facilities.

    Southview Cemetery
    Covington, Ga.

    Many of the 20,000 men who died in the Covington area Confederate hospitals were reinterred near their homes after the war, but the graves of 67 known and 8 unknown remain. 2 Southern Generals Robert J. Henderson (1822-1891) and James P. Simms (1837-1887) rest here, too.

    Oxford Cemetery
    On the nature trail 150 yards behind the Williams Gymnasium in Oxford. North of Covington on GA 81.

    31 soldiers from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Florida are interred here. 5 of them are unknown.

    Madison Cemetery
    West of U.S. 129 on Central in Madison.

    1 known and 52 unknown Confederate soldiers are buried here.

    Ramah Church
    South of the Gordon on GA 57 just east of the intersection with GA 18.

    In 1861 the Confederate military unit known as the "Ramah Guards" was raised here and left for the battlefields of Virginia. Many of the men are buried in the adjacent cemetery.

    Waynesboro City Cemetery
    At Jones Street and Sixth in Waynesboro

    49 unknown Confederate soldiers and 12 Union troopers who died fighting in Waynesboro are buried here.

    Guyton City Cemetery
    Behind the High School on Cemetery Road in Guyton, Effingham County

    This cemetery has a Confederate section for men who died of wounds or disease in local hospitals.

    Laurel Grove Cemetery
    On West Anderson off Martin Luther King Drive

    700 Confederate soldiers are buried here, also Anna Raines, the founder of the United Daughters of the Confederacy is buried here.

    New Park Cemetery
    At the intersection of GA 37 and GA 39 in Fort Gaines, behind the nursing home, Clay County

    18 unknown Confederate soldiers are interred here, they had been wounded at the battle of Olustee, Florida.

    Greenwood Cemetery
    At the end of Oak and along Hamilton Street, south of U.S. 82 in Cuthbert, Ga.

    24 Confederate soldiers are buried here. They died between 1863 and 1865 in hospitals at Andrew College and the Baptist Female College. Also buried here is Mary Joyner, "The Hospital Angel" who faithfully attended the wounded.

    Riverside Cemetery
    Albany, Georgia

    Seven unknown Confederate soldiers are buried here. A commemorative tablet was dedicated by the UDC in 1951.

    Laurel Hill Cemetery
    On Madison at Webster Street in Thomasville, Georgia

    38 Confederate soldiers are buried here : their names are listed on a stone marker. Confederate General John C. Vaught (1824-1875) is buried here.

    Westend Cemetery
    On West Screven Street at South Laurel Street in Quitman

    17 soldiers that died in area hospitals during the last years of the war.

    Evergreen Cemetery
    Graves of veterans from both armies. Also buried here is William Jordan Bush, the last of the 125,000 Georgians who served the Confederacy. Born in 1845, he was a private in Virginia under John B. Gordon. He died in Fitzgerald in 1952 at the age of 107.

    Find-A-GraveA great site and easy to use, thousands of listings.

    Full Confederate Cemetery Listing

    Special thanks to Benjamin Tubb for the midi on this page!You can find his link on my links page.

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