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Welcome to the Official City of Rhine
Celebrity Basketball Site!

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Latest Event:
When: Sat. Oct. 14, 2000
What: There will be a Celebrity Basketball Game 2000
Where: Rhine GA at the Rhine Gym
Time: 2:00 PM.
Cost: Admission is $5
Band: Joey Stuckey from Macon, GA at 8pm
Kids: "Designs by Norris"; Norris Hilliard will be doing face paintings for kids throughout the day.
Other:There will be a dinner / dance later at 8:00 PM with admission $5 as well.
James Reynolds and Bryan Datillo will appear and play, photos and autographs will be available as well. There will be a concession stand with refreshments throughout the game.
** ALL proceeds go towards the completion and renovation of the Rhine Gym.
Meet and dance with the stars!
Kayla Williams
PO Box 87
Rhine, GA 31077
Phone Number (912) 385-5521
Fax : (912) 385-5541

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