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Moon Lakes Faleea

The three wonderful things about the Egyptian Arabian:

Leea's Favorite Website:


Here is my beautiful Leea. As I said, she is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, and to me she is the most wonderful horse in the world!! Leea shows the excellent personality, conformation, and beauty that true Arabians do!

A Few Pictures Of Leea

I would appriciate if no one takes Leea's pictures. She means alot to me and I DON'T want other people steeling her photos and giving her a different name!!

A closeup onLeea's head.

  • Me cantering Leea bareback

    The Egyptian Arabian

    By, Olivia C.

    The Egyptian Arabian, the most beautiful of all horse breeds. They are the oldest and purest breed. Being bred by the Egyptians about 3,000 years ago. The Egyptians created this horse breed for their beauty, stamina, strength, essence, sprit, and endurance. The Arab was an ideal horse for Egypt's climate because they can go for days without water. They are also especially bred for their hard, stable, strong, black hooves. You will hardly ever see and Arab with tan hooves. Their black hooves were very ideal for crossing the soft sand too. Today, we use Arabians for their endurance, and you hardly ever see a different breed doing Endurance Racing. People show Arabs quite frequently for their beautiful dishy head, soft liquid brown eyes, their smooth loin and croup, small boned body, elastic style neck, flowing mane and tail, but most of all for their wild desert spirt!!

    The Egyptian Arabian