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Horse Information

On this page, you can come and take a look at some different parts of a horse, their internal organs, the hoof, and the gaits. All pretty much beginner things, but it is nice to know!
  • The External Veiw of the Horse

  • Teeth and Age

  • Usually you can tell the average age of a horse by checking its teeth.
  • The Basic Colors

  • This chart here, shows the most common horse colors.
  • The Horse Leg/Facial Markings

  • The Organs

  • The Horse's Skeleton

  • The Horse's Muscles

  • The Horse's Mouth

  • The Hoof

  • The Gaits

  • The Walk An example of the walk
  • The Trot An example of the trot
  • The Canter An example of the canter
  • The Gallop