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The songs offered here are only those that have NOT been officially released onto an album (either Animaniacs, Yakko's World, or Variety Pack; available any place where music is sold or at online sites like  All of these songs are in mp3 format.   

Enjoy the music!

He's Dr. Scratchansniff, The Studio Shrink (412 k) The Warner's bouncy opening number from Taming of the Screwy.
Look At Me, I'm In A Musical! (1.06 M) Dot's opening production number from Cutie & The Beast.
Be A Pest (1.79 M) The funny "Be Our Guest" parody from Cutie & The Beast
Our First Day of School (1.02 M) The Warners greet their teacher Ms. Flamiel for the first time, from Chalkboard Bungle.
Dough, Some Cash, A Wad Of Cash (426 k) The "Do Re Mi" parody from Dot's Entertainment 
Relax, Chill Out! (1.05 M) Yakko's jazzy "Ghost-of-Christmas-Future" song from A Christmas Plotz.  This is definitely one of my favorites.
Burbank (1.67 M) The Warners' nanny, Prunella, sings this hilarious parody in The Sound of Warners
Whaddya Do With Children Like Us Warners? (980 k) The WB Staff tries to warn Prunella about the Warners, but the Warners pop up and take center stage.  
Poison Oak (725 k) After Scratchy contracts poison oak, Prunella sings this song about it, to the Warners' (un)amusement.
That's What I Ponder When I Am Afraid (796 k) "You're not gonna sing again, are ya?"  "Uh-huh!  Ahhhh!"
Eat All Your Oatmeal (981 k) Another great song from The Sound of Warners in which the Warners try to make Prunella mad
We're The Musketeers (630 k) The Warners make a grand entrance ("we don't do those anymore") in The Three Muska-Warners.
All Wrapped Up And Loved (1.25 M) Whatever Rita wants, Rita gets in this awesome song from Home on De-Nile
Dot The Macadamia Nut (2.73 M) The ever-popular Macarena spoof that really should have been released onto an album.  I mean, come on!  Its so cool!
We're On Our Way To Go See Mr. Plotz (1.63 M) What it is, what it says, from Hooray for North Hollywood
Ya Gotta Schmooze, or Lose (2.29 M) A terrific song explaining how to make it big in Hollywood.
It's New Year's Eve (2.23 M) Another cool song from Hooray for North Hollywood
L.A. Dot (864 k) One of my very favorite songs, also from Hooray For North Hollywood.
Opening To Jokahontas (563 k) Unseen singers deliver some exposition in song form
Just The Same Old Heroine (1.23 M) A stinging, but pretty accurate, explanation of Disney convention, from the cartoon Jokahontas
Same Old Heroine Reprise (435 k) The Warners are in the money by the end of Jokahontas.
Ice Cream Flavors Song (860 k) A break from the Disney persecution in Jokahontas.
There Is A Flat In Gay Paree (806 k) Rita dreams of a home, from Les Miseranimals
They Want To Laugh (635 k) A short rock tune from the Beatles spoof A Hard Day's Warner
Hello Nurse (2.54 M) Wakko does his best singing here, in my opinion.  I love this song; its funny and it swings (perfect combination!)
Little Drummer Warners (2.22 M) The Warners significantly jazz up the carol "Little Drummer Boy"
Noel (1.28 M) In this clever take on the old carol, the Warners only say the word "Noel" once throughout the whole song.  
On The Homefront We're Marching Along (1.93 M) My *absolute* favorite of the unreleased Animaniacs songs; from the WWII-themed cartoon Of Course You Know This Means Warners.  I dance to it ever time. :)  
Purgatory; Here We Come (384 k) A short, funny "California; Here I Come" type tune from Hot Bothered and Bedeviled
Slippin' On The Ice (612 k) The Warners' wintery parody of "Singin' In The Rain"
The Candyman's Swell (244 k) A short but sweet song from The Big CANDY Store
The Tiger Prince (1.35 M) Another great Disney parody, sung by the talented Cree Summer (the voice of Elmyra)
The Train Bringing Wakko (987 k) A song from the Animaniacs' movie Wakko's Wish
Wakko's Gizmo (3.08 M) Okkay, okkay, so this isn't really a song, but it has a really cool score!
We're From Sam 'n' Ella's Coffee Shop (257 k) Hee hee!  Get it?  "Sam 'n' Ella"?  Well anyway, I dig this little number from Broadcast Nuisance
Bones in The Body (2.1 M) Even though this is bad quality, I'm uploading it anyway because its such a cute song.
Chimney Sweeps (56 k) This tiny song is from Roll Over Beethoven
Pinky And The Brain...and Larry (919 k) So what if its not technically from Animaniacs?  Its close enough, and its really funny!
Brain Acres (413 k) Another snag off Pinky & The Brain.  Poor quality, but still very funny.
The Italian Food Song (342 k) The yummy opening song to Mobster Bash
We're The Warner Waiter Two (162 k) Don Pepperoni order pasta but gets a song instead in this same cartoon.
Speak Softly Love (263 k) A lovely little number, also from Mobster Bash


More Animani-music!

Due to limited space on the server, these are just about all the songs I can offer.  But here are links to some other sites on the web that also offer Animaniacs songs, in case I don't have what you were looking for.

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I was not the one who made these wonderful mp3s; I only collected them and put them on this page.  So thanks go to Fred Baker and Federica Giulietti, who made a bunch of these files at my constant whining- er, request.  Other files I snagged from Napster, mostly from Timmo Warner and WakkoG and also some other people I don't know.  Thanks guys!  You're all dolls!



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Animaniacs and all these songs right here are copyright of Warner Bros. 1993-2001.  Since Warner Bros. only released three Animaniacs albums, and since none of these songs are on those albums, I don't feel like I'm infringing on any possible money-making of theirs.  I mean, if Warner Bros. won't make any new Animaniacs merchandise, you just gotta make your own, right?  Right! But still, I must add as a message to everyone; PLEASE don't sue me.