KITTY TEASE "Owner's Guide"

        You have just purchased a remarkable toy for cats whose uniqueness now lets you enjoy your cat's natural aggressiveness first hand.  The KITTY TEASE is not only a toy that works on virtually all cats up to 20 years old, but is also the perfect exerciser, that you control, for that overweight cat.  You control your cat's jumps, spins, quick turns and pounces with just a flick of the wrist.  The KITTY TEASE should provide you with countless hours of enjoyment, day after day, year after year.  From the 8-week-old kitten to the oldster of 20 years, the reaction is the same: SECOND KITTENHOOD is now a reality!
     The KITTY TEASE is extremely effective on virtually all cats.  The fiberglass rod imparts such a LIFE-LIKE vibration and twitching into the cloth that cats think the cloth is literally alive.  Due to this cat reaction to the KITTY TEASE, I highly recommend that the KITTY TEASE be put away after you are through using it.  Put it in a place where the cat cannot get at it alone.  If you leave it out, the cat will probably pull it all over the house and you will find it in 1,000 knots around a chair leg some place.  A cat that likes to roll may tangle it's tail or legs in the slack line and scare itself.  In some extreme cases a cat may become so taken by the hunter instinct that it will literally eat the cloth and line as the last gesture of catching its prey.  Save yourself a lot of aggravation and please put the KITTY TEASE away after each use so that your cat cannot get at it by himself.  For storage, I recommend a simple small nail, about head high, hammered into the side of a closeable closet.  Hammer the nail at a downward angle and place the tip of the KITTY TEASE over it when not in use.    Remember, the KITTY TEASE is a hand held cat toy/exerciser, and used as such, should provide you with years of enjoyment.
      For a long while I have enjoyed the prototype of the KITTY TEASE you now see.  I have tried wood and metal rods of various lengths and I have tired different strings and different materials for the cloth.  What you now hold is the result of that effort and what I feel is the best marketable product for the value, and over 700,000 happy cats can't be wrong!
     Probably the most important feature of the KITTY TEASE is the length and taper of the fiberglass rod.  This allows the aggression of your cat to be absorbed without danger to him.  The resulting spring-back action of the rod, when your cat pulls on the cloth, gives a natural lifelike pull to the cloth.  You control the tension and can easily adjust to the amount of pull your cat seems to enjoy the most.
    The aggressiveness of your cat will take its toll on the cloth lure.  After trying several types and styles of lures, I have decided that a simple piece of denim seems to work best.  With continued use it will wear out and can easily be replaced with a similar piece of denim.  A belt loop for even a piece of shoelace will also do.  Do not use plastic or anything that has considerable weight to it.  You don't want to knock out your cat.  Should your cat be reluctant to play with the new cloth, try putting a little saliva on the cloth.  This should now give the cloth an "approved" scent and play should now begin.
    The tip and cloth knots are both simple slipknots.  To open the cloth slipknot, simply pinch the knot with your fingernails and roll the cloth in the opposite direction.  One direction tightens and one loosens.
    Cats just take naturally to the KITTY TEASE. Like a tiger stalking its prey in the jungle, your POCKET TIGER will pursue the KITTY TEASE the same way.  Over the years, I have observed patterns of play that my cats seem to enjoy more than others.  Your cat should also be more aggressive to these patters.  Simple experimentation with these and some exercises of your own choosing should quickly determine your cat's preference.
    First and foremost remember that the cloth simulates a small bird or animal so give it an action similar to a small bird or animal.  Don't just dangle the cloth a couple of inches in front of his nose and expect a reaction.  A bird wouldn't do that and a cat knows that.  Think sneaky and make it as if it were trying to sneak away after being spotted.
    Some cats simply want to play tug-of-war and this is fine.  Just hang in there with him with a steady pull.  The more your cat growls, the more he is enjoying himself and getting exercise to boot.
    All cats seem to take to stalking and pouncing naturally.  By placing a small pillow or shoe on the floor, you provide your cat with the means for an "ambush".  Simply flick the cloth to the opposite side of the pillow and twitch it along the floor in short jerks.  An ambush is almost certain to follow.  To keep your cat on his toes don't let him catch the cloth every time.  Let him try harder next time.
    You can also take advantage of your cat's climbing abilities by pulling the cloth up and over furniture.  My cats get exceptionally active when this is done.  When you position the cloth between the cushions it surely is fun watching them trying to get it out.  It's aggravating to the cat to have that thing just out of reach.
    If you like to laugh, try putting several sheets of newspaper down on the rug.  When you pull the cloth over the paper, the string makes a sound similar to a mouse walking and when the cat jumps on the paper, after the cloth, he has nothing to grip on and slides all over the place.  Cats really get a kick out of this and will even try hiding under the paper at times in order to ambush their prey.
    By pulling the cloth over a rug in a rather quick back and forth motion and I mean so quick that the cloth is just a blur you really arouse your cat's aggressiveness.  This seems to be the ultimate challenge to them.  Beware of potential rug damage because your cat will be all claws on this one.  This is my favorite and even works on declawed cats.
    Once your cat becomes used to the KITTY TEASE, you may be able to get him to do jumps and flips.  This I've found varies with different cats.   Simply pull the cloth across the floor in little hops of about 3" and increase the hop height as you get closer to your cat.  When he jumps, pull it over his head and he should jump for it.  Make it act as a butterfly and you should see a series of stalks and jumps.
    The KITTY TEASE is also very effective outdoors in the grass or bushes.  It is also effective outdoors at night or indoors in dim light.  Your creativeness is your only limit.
    For the overweight indoor cat, the KITTY TEASE becomes the perfect cat exerciser.  What is play to your cat is also much-needed exercise for him and the toning effect of KITTY TEASE play should become obvious in a few weeks.  The playing stretches limbs and increases heartbeat and that burns up calories.  Adjust the amount of play to what you or your vet feels is appropriate for your cats.  A naturally fast heartbeat is natural; panting and/or coughing is not.  An hour of play each day, while watching TV at the same time, goes by fast and will have noticeable results in a few weeks.
    The KITTY TEASE is made of quality components and is assembled with great care.  In the unlikely case that the tip should come unglued from the rod, simply sand the end of the rod lightly and reglue the tip with any of the small tubes of super glue that are on the market.  A loose handle can be reglued with a small amount of ELMER'S WOOD GLUE.  A worn cloth can be replaced by simply opening the slipknot and replacing the cloth.
    The string I use with the KITTY TEASE deserves a paragraph by itself.  It is 80-lb. test braided black saltwater fishing line.  I chose black because it is very hard to see, which results in the cat's eyes focusing on the cloth, instead of the line.  I chose 80-lb. test because lines under 30-lb test were small enough to cut my cats between the toes.  80-lb. Test gives a safe margin concerning these cuts.  I chose braided line because it lasted the longest in my testing and should a cat decide to eat a piece of it, it should pass right through and end up in the litter box.  DON'T LET YOUR CAT EAT THE LINE AND DON'T USE MONOFILIMENT LINE FOR REPLACEMENT LINES.  Monofiliment is easy to bite through and if eaten, its sharp edges can easily wedge internally and cause real problems. The black braided line can be found in the fishing department of most larger stores.  I also sell a replacement string pack for the KITTY TEASE and that information is at the end of this guide.
    If your cat plays such that knots form in the line I advise you to take them out that day.  If you leave them in, they just get tighter and tighter and shorten the line considerably.  Should you cat be one of the few that enjoys outsmarting you and starts chewing through the line don't let him do that.
    As with any toy, its use can be abused.  Avoid possible injury by not flicking the KITTY TEASE wildly in the presence of others.  If your cat won't let go, just grab the line and out pull him.
    I will replace any defective tip, rod, or handle for a period of one year if said damage is not due to abuse.  With simple care, your KITTY TEASE should last for many years.
    I am proud of the KITTY TEASE and hope that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed mine.  Please feel free to write me concerning your comments or suggestions.  You are my quality control and the source of future improvements or even new ideas.


 REPLACEMENT STRING PACKS; I sell replacement string packs (line & denim) for $1.00 each plus a self-addressed STAMPED (60 cents at this writing) enveloped.  I can put up to 10 string packs into a regular business (9-1/2") envelope for that one stamp.  If you do not attach your stamp I will charge you $1.00 to do it.

Available Sizes:

KITTY TEASE JR: Just 18" long, perfect for lap play or for use with little Kittens.

KITTY TEASE: 38" long, my most popular size.

KITTY TEASE DELUXE: A 2-piece version of the regular size that easily fits into a suitcase for travel.